Work at Bethany International

Are you interested in becoming part of the Bethany team by working or volunteering with us? We have a variety of options for involvement.

Advancement Department Administrative Assistant

    PURPOSE and INTENT OF JOB:  (include any and all ministerial responsibilities)

To be responsible for facilitating VP of Advancement’s effectiveness in managing the “A Team” and Marketing Communications (AMC).  Additionally, this person will be the glue between the respective areas with will be responsible for maintaining and continually improving a safe, friendly, beautiful, efficient and missionally engaging Advancement experience for all who enter or interact with the physical (and potentially virtual) Advancement Department including other coworkers.

Key Result #1: Optimize the Effectiveness of the Advancement Team’s Schedule & Interaction

What tasks will cause this to happen? Advancement – Marketing Communications (AMC)

  • Coordinate meetings with donors, potential donors, Advancement Team, Marketing, MLT and otherwise
  • Administer the daily collection and distribution of Advancement Department physical mail.
  • Input specific relational outcomes in Sales Force

Including: Communication, Advancement/Marketing Communications (AMC) Team Operations, Finances, Policies and Record Keeping

Key Result #2:  A Beautifully Friendly Advancement Office and Event Experience

What tasks will cause this to happen?

  • Assist AMC staff members by performing administrative tasks and fulfilling other day to day office operations.
  • Develop strategies, standards, and tactics to ever improve the Advancement physical (and potentially virtual) office experience for coworkers and guests.
  • Assist in the seamless office move from west to east in the Administration Building, while coordinating details with

Advancement Home Office personnel, Partners Team, Services and IT.

  • Help and, at times, lead Advancement event preparations that are outside of our normal offices with best-practice excellence.
  • Possibly serve as FIRST FACE at Bethany in Welcome Center Reception Area

Key Result #3: Administrate Advancement Volunteers and PT Students

What tasks will cause this to happen?

  • Assist in Advancement & Marketing Communications volunteer engagement and management.
  • Assist in the Administration and management of Advancement & Marketing Communications Department PT students.
  • Develop an efficient onboarding and training approach (with HR) with increasingly competent students and volunteers.
  • Track and support the 24/7 Global Prayer schedule with CEO Executive Assistant (CEO/EA)
  • Support the communication of prayer requests and answers to prayer to the Bethany worldwide family via CEO/EA
  • Provide bi-weekly Prayer updates through a newsletter distributed to all relevant personnel and partners via CEO/EA
  • Represent the AMC office from time to time regarding our corporate prayer priority and programs
  • Coordinate and facilitate corporate events in conjunction with others on the prayer, worship and ministry teams.

Key Result #4 Professionally manage donor/partner/prospect data

What tasks will cause this to happen?

  • Effectively gather, report, and administrate donor/partner/prospect data within our CRM (Salesforce), MarketSmart and any other such systems. Facilitate with Digital Technology Manager(s)
  • Manage our data relationships and data integration and information security with other BI departments in partnership with BI IT staff.
  • Goal will be to delegate as many of these specific responsibilities to PT staffer(s).
  • Keep donor contact, communication, and relationship development information up to date.
  • Coordinate and initiate the executives saying “thank you” to donors
  • Coordinate and assist as needed for donor meetings in conjunction with the Advancement Office.
  • Facilitate events with professionalism including scheduling, facilities, agendas, and other arrangements
  • Nurture a welcoming and hospitable environment for visitors, board members and guests
  • Anticipate, schedule and initiate donor communications, meetings and follow up – e.g. Thank Yous!!!
  • Become acquainted with major donors – their interests, families, personal desires and preferences, etc…
  • Coordinate future AMC “advisory council”


Director of Marketing Communications

    PURPOSE and INTENT OF JOB:  (include any and all ministerial responsibilities)

Improve the strategic efficiency and effectiveness of Bethany’s internal and external communications and appeal to a range of audiences.  It will serve to significantly expand the visibility, awareness, and financial support for Bethany as a whole, as well as its many parts.  This director will lead a team to execute collaborative communications regularly.  In tandem with Advancement, the marketing lead and team will help to raise more than $6M-$12M annually while increasing total supporters, sponsors and stakeholders >30%-35%


List any required educational attainments (degrees, certificates, licenses, etc.). Any or all of the following.

·         Master’s and/or Bachelor’s in Business/Journalism/Communications

List any required experience (of what type, for what duration, in what industry, etc.).

·          Ideally, 10+ years of practical marketing communications in ministry/non-profit experience

Key Result #1:  Re-Branding Bethany Rollout

Lead staffer will work with DKY Agency and each department head, necessary MLT member and communicate with entire Bethany Staff to create “ALL IN” buy in.

Additionally, the creative expressions of the new brand will be articulated to key constituents, including alumni, major donors and subsequently in general to digital audiences.

Finally and in parallel, the creative execution will be implemented in full by February 15, 2021 in all collateral applications.  Additionally, the archived marketing communications “past” will be preserved, but no longer used.

In particular, the BI Website will be overhauled for its rollout in FY22-FY23 in full.


Key Result #2: Refine the Bethany Image for the 21st Century Church & Unreached/Unsaved Audiences

Brilliant storytelling and packaging of effective past, present and expected future outcomes

Shrewd placement of stories (with or w/o names & locations) and advertising campaign in mass & digital outlets

Move Bethany from ranks of “best kept secret” to “BEST OF” based on growing local & national interest


Key Result #3: Build a Competent and Called Set of Marketing Communications Professionals to Execute Plan

Hire Marketing Manager to execute tactical plan.

Develop marketing department staffing plan to include additional hires, PT students and MI’s.

Create a fun, next generation oriented & well-functioning atmosphere to build results and effectual outcomes

Mobilize other internal resources to integrate while “doing no harm”, including BGU, Media, DKY & other resources


Key Result #4: Integrate Multi-Media Storylines to the Appropriate Mass and Segmented Markets

Use staffing extended resources – PT/MI – to catalog Bethany Story history by persons and regions/countries

The “faith that move(s) mountains” will continue to do so – the staff must unearth the “arkenstones” in the Bethany

mountain of its storied history to the glory of God.


Key Result #5: Strategically Align MLT & Board Around Crisis Communications Plan

Develop a thorough plan based on a full-range of “hypothetical” threats facing Bethany domestically and internationally that will need addressing when something goes significantly awry.


Key Result #6: Formally Launch Communications Plan for a Bethany Alumni Association & Endowment

Create the architecture and rollout strategy to launch intentional “evergreen” initiatives to gain a significant percentage of alumni contributors to Bethany, including a “Adopt A Day” strategy. (49% FY22/$200K Minimum)

Digital Technology Manager

PURPOSE and INTENT OF JOB:  (include any and all ministerial responsibilities)

The purpose of the Digital Technology Manager is to guide Bethany International software and SaaS (Software As A Service) integrated infrastructure to improve efficiencies within marketing communications, advancement, operations and tracking progress toward the goals established by the ministry and rooted in relationships and database/Sales Force CRM optimization.

Key Result #1:  Improve Integration of Current & Future Technology and Data Systems

  • Oversee continued migration and updating of legacy systems to SalesForce CRM.
  • Develop integration workflows to connect separate technological systems (including Sales Force, Classy, AutoPilot/HubSpot/Pardot, FoundationSearch, Populi, Infusion Soft and more).
  • Maintain and improve technology integrations.
  • SalesForce Consultant liaison when modifications needed.

Key Result #2: Refine the Bethany Image for the 21st Century Church & Unreached/Unsaved Audiences

  • Work with department heads/Digital Team Task Force to identify the most needed where custom software elements may be best leveraged
  • Develop and maintain custom applications & software programs to enhance SaaS applications
  • Manage relationships with web development vendors to build custom applications, including the refresh of the BI Website, its ongoing freshening, and any Bethany affiliated “apps” and more.

Key Result #3: Guide/Champion a Competent and Called Set of Advancement/Marketing Communications Professionals to Execute Plan

  • Develop the processes to capture important data to measure key metrics for each department.
  • Conduct staff training that creates consistency of input and outcomes.
  • Guide department heads in the collection and interpretation of data.

Key Result #4: Optimize Web Level Expressions of Bethany International

  • Work with Director of Marketing Communications (& DKY) to develop each website objectives.
  • Ensure each website remains secure and reasonably safe from internal and external threats.
  • Constantly work to improve the technological aspect of each website related to page load speed, usability and functionality.
  • Have respect and regards for effective practices by BGU Marketing Team with BGU Website.

Key Result #5: Other Duties As Assigned

  • TBD (e.g. Social Media Optimization, Segmented Target Donor Lists by Generosity Levels, Geography,

Classification and more tied to mail merge initiatives both in terms of direct mail and digital distribution.

Bethany Gateways Regional Care Coordinator

Bethany Gateways Regional Care Coordinator Job Description

Note: This is not a campus position with salary and benefits.

ASSIGNMENT LOCATION: Overseas. In a region where Gateways missionaries are located.

STATUS: Missionary. Must complete Missionary Application Process with Bethany Gateways. Must raise full support in advance of fielding.

QUALIFICATIONS: Note this is not an entry level member care position.

POSITION Overview:
In partnership with Gateways Regional Leaders and the Member Care Team, the Regional Care Coordinator (RCC) will proactively and reactively provide or facilitate member care for Gateways personnel in their region. They will encourage both individuals and teams in values, attitudes, and actions that promote spiritual, relational, physical, mental, and emotional health. They will utilize regional and external member care resources to respond to needs and to encourage resilience.

Key to their role is a reactive response to needs providing care and resourcing to individuals and teams, as well as a proactive preventative equipping of these individuals and teams. Together these contribute toward health and resilience, which in turn contribute toward ministry effectiveness.

By serving as a member of the Member Care Team, they will help regional Gateways personnel reach their full potential by maintaining resilience and fulfilling their calling to Take the Church to Where It’s Not and Help Others Do the Same.

1. Develop network of member care providers within the region who are available to provide member care services.
2. Identify member care needs within the region.
3. Mobilize member care resources to appropriately respond to needs within the region.
4. Provide consultation for Regional/Field/Team Leaders on personnel needs, policies, options, and resources.
5. Identify, train, and consult regularly with Care Facilitators (CF) in each Field/Team.
6. Promote best practice member care through training events, equipping toward health and resilience of individuals and teams.

1. Travel within the region, on a regular basis (at least once every two years) to encourage, assess needs and provide care to individuals and teams. This is also an opportunity to develop and train Care Facilitators (CF).
2. Attend regional/field/team conferences/retreats, as requested, or scheduled. Coordinate member care activities during events with leadership.
3. Encourage personnel, and facilitate teambuilding and conflict resolution, where requested by Regional/Field/Team Leaders and/or CFs.
4. Respond to and manage crisis member care needs in the region. Maintain communication with Regional Leader and Director of Member Care throughout the crisis and in debriefing the crisis response.
5. Maintain regular (minimum of monthly) contact with the Regional Leader providing needed updates and reports.
6. Maintain regular (minimum of monthly) contact with the Director of Member Care providing needed updates and reports, sharing resources and resource needs.
7. Participate in monthly Member Care Team Zoom calls to maintain an overview of Gateways global member care program, evaluate progress, plan for new programs/resources, network, and provide mutual care within the Member Care Team.
8. Submit an annual member care budget for the region in collaboration with the Regional Leader and Director of Member Care.
9. Pursue ongoing training in member care as continuing education and remaining up to date on current trends, networking, and acquiring new resources.
10. It’s strongly recommended to recruit a personal “care team” for added support, prayer, and encouragement to aid in personal resilience and well-being, through debriefing and supporting.


All regularly employed, full-time employees on the regular payroll are eligible for the company’s employee insurance program and other benefits. The benefits under these programs are communicated to each associate at the commencement of full-time employment and are subject to change or discontinuance.

Bethany provides all benefit-eligible employees with the following benefits:

  • Vacation Time
  • Personal Time
  • Paid Holidays
  • Life Insurance ($50,000 Policy)
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Discounted cafeteria meals

Bethany offers several optional benefits to all benefit-eligible employees, including:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Savings Account
  • Vision Insurance
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Disability Insurance

Apply For An Open Position

If you are interested in an opportunity, please apply online, including your resume and cover letter, outlining how you meet the specific requirements of the position.

While we sincerely appreciate all applications, only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted.

Please note that the selected candidate may be required to submit to a criminal records check and/or drug and alcohol screening.