Issue 2 – Spring 2016

Featured Issue Articles

The Kingdom Impact of Your Prayers

Pray bold prayers for kingdom work. Expect big answers What do you really believe about prayer?  Do you pray like you truly believe God will move through your prayers?  Do you pray like you believe the Great Commission will move forward when you get on your knees? Too often we think that prayer is nice […]

The Old Story in a New Tongue

Fulfilling the Great Commission by Accelerating Bible Translation In 2015, a group of Zambian Christians attended a church service they will never forget. Their pastor was reading John 11 from a newly completed New Testament translation. It was the first time the church had heard the story of Lazarus in their heart language of Nsenga. […]

Where Isn’t the Thai Church?

Man’s List or God’s List In Matthew 24:14 Jesus said “This gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”  Most Christians understand that when Jesus said this, the word nations is not referring to countries or nation-states. Instead Jesus is […]

Off the Couch and Into the World

 The harvest is plentiful Getting Unstuck January 4, 1974 – Up until then I was a typical seventeen year old without much room in my heart for God and certainly no use for the institutional church.  I was drifting through my last year of high school.  Life had been pretty much in neutral until I […]

coMISSION Magazine – Issue 2

Our second issue of coMISSION Magazine is out and should be hitting a number of mailboxes now. The coMISSION magazine is a biannual publication if Bethany International that seeks to help others see the need and hear the call of world missions. The great commission is not a task for a select few, but an […]