Issue 3 – Fall 2016

Featured Issue Articles

Reaching Beyond Our Culture the Value of an Intercultural Education for All

A few years ago while attending a conference in South Korea, I was asked to preach in a local church. This, of course, required a translator since my Korean is less than fluent! Afterward, I was introduced to the elders of the church, who thanked me for the message and then very formally presented me […]

What Does it Mean to Take the Church to Where it’s Not? The Future of Bethany International

The original vision to “train, send, and support 100 missionaries” captured the heart of Bethany’s founding generation. It was fulfilled in 1975. In 2010, Bethany embraced the mission to “take the church to where it is not…and help others do the same.” THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE GLORY OF THE LORD WILL COVER THE EARTH AS […]

Growing the Missions Workforce the Future Impact of Bethany Global University

Beginning last fall, Bethany Global University began to experience some significant growth in the student body. Our school enrollment has tripled in the last two years. Looking forward to the spring when seniors return from internship and new January students start, we could have a total on-campus student body of 250! We believe that this […]

Passing the Torch in India:How Two Generations Partnered for the Sake of the Unreached

My parents met Joe and Barb Finsaas, Bethany missionaries in North India and Nepal, when they were studying at a seminary in the city of Bareilly, where Joe served as visiting faculty. My father had a great evangelistic zeal and Joe realized it. They started traveling together to many cities of North India preaching the […]

We can Do More Together: Collaborating to Finish the Task of World Missions

Surely, we can do more together than we can do on our own. As we met with Sam Dunya, a Bethany missionary on Bethany campus last fall, it was clear God was overlapping our lives to do something more than we could imagine again… something God has been doing in Sam’s life in Ghana for […]