Issue 4 – Spring 2017

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Known as the “Forest Children”, the Lobi people number over 300,000 in Burkina Faso. Because of continued raids from other tribes, the Lobi developed fortress-type houses and poison arrow weapons.  They are animistic with worship of deceased ancestors and objects of nature. Most have never yet heard a clear presentation of the Gospel message, but […]

Courage and Perseverance in the face of persecution

Joshua, a missionary among the Fulani in Nigeria was murdered in 2015 by radical Islamic Fulani tribesmen aligned with Boko Hiram. Blessing, Joshua’s Nigerian widow, and her two young children continued to live in the Jakun Koma tribal village, where she and Joshua had started their first church. Since Joshua’s death, Blessing’s school for orphans […]

Making Disciples That Make Disciples

Welcome to the Missions Minute Story of making disciples who make disciples. Jesus commanded us to “Make disciples of all nations.” From northeast India Rhakho has traversed dense forests to remote tribal peoples. On one trek he came to a clearing where he faced a naked tribal man holding a spear. He soon discovered he […]

Four Phases of Fruitfulness in the Desert

As Jason and I walked to the center of the farm, I could feel the temperature drop several degrees due to the lushness of the vegetation around. Located in the desert of northern Kenya, this land was not always like this. In fact, when we selected it for the farm site, it was barren, dry, […]

Buddhist Monk Turned Missionary: Transformed by a Vision and God’s Word

Sonam was born and raised in the Kingdom of Bhutan, a landlocked country in South Asia. Surrounded by the awe-inspiring Himalayas, Bhutan has 74 distinct people groups – 71 of which are 0% Evangelical Christian. At the age of 12, Sonam began his journey toward becoming a Buddhist monk. For the next 7 years, like […]

My Internship in India: A Surprise of Salvation

In March 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began rejection major child assistance from organizations that didn’t align with India’s Hindu ideological standards. Miraculously, despite this, I was still able to serve with Bethany International’s team in India for my global internship. I spent the majority of my time in India teaching the English language to […]

Life at the Edge of God’s Kingdom

Marseille, France: Europe’s Gateway to North Africa Marseille provides a critical access point to several North African people groups who would otherwise be extremely challenging for Christians to reach – including the Algerian Moabite Berbers who have no known Christians among them. We are reaching out to the secular (anti-religious) French nationals as well as […]

Bringing Life to Lifeless Places

In 2012, I was given an offer that would forever change the direction of my family’s life and ministry. I was asked to consider the role of International Director of Bethany Gateways – Bethany International’s sending agency. At that point, we had been living in Africa for 13 years with no intention of leaving any […]

Edward Jesudhas: Celebrating the Life that Started a Movement

There I found myself, at the Delhi National Hospital morgue in India, mourning the death of my dear friend Edward. Edward was a man of God in every sense. This past December, God brought him home suddenly at the age of 42. This is the story of Edward Jesudhas, profound missionary, and my personal friend. […]

Freedom Becomes Real: Experience the Power of the Cross

“How can I experience a deeper work of Christ in my life?” As we know, the message of the Cross is the transforming power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. Though we were spiritually dead because of our sins, God brought us life and forgave all of our transgression. We became new […]

Thoughts on the Need of Western Missionaries from Mission Experts

A “ONE SIDED” CHURCH The argument by many is that it’s cheaper and more effective to send local missionaries because they have “home field advantage.” Despite this logic, the church has proven to be most effective as a multicultural body harmoniously working together. I learned talking to international leaders and partners that some of the […]

Are North America and Western Missionaries Still Needed?

If we don’t stay on mission we will not get the task of the unreached done. But, we need revival, spiritual awakening, and embracing the Father’s vision for all peoples. Over the last three decades, the number of North American missionaries serving overseas has decreased by 40,000 workers. The total number of missionaries from all […]

A Disciple Making Disciples in Mexico

Despite the influence of the Spanish during Mexico’s colonial era, the geographical isolation of Oaxaca’s individual villages and people groups, over long periods of time, have allowed them to maintain their unique languages and customs, beliefs and rituals – their ancestral traditions and to an extent their autonomy. For this reason, Oaxaca is the most […]

How to Reach a Nation for Christ: The 7 Stages of Engagement

Bethany International sent its first missionaries to work among the unreached in the late 1940s. Seventy-two (72) years later, more than a thousand missionaries have been trained and sent and thousands of national missionaries have joined them. Today we are helping to make disciples of Jesus Christ among 269 unreached people groups in 70 countries, […]

Stepping Into the Unknown

Edward Jesudhas could not believe what he was hearing! Over and over, the Lord was challenging him to leave behind his ministry of 18 years and go out in faith to start all over again. Hadn’t he already done this once before? As a young man, he had left family and friends to become a […]

A Ride with Benson

I looked at Benson who was sitting beside me as we jolted our way along the seemingly never-ending road. My hands itched on the steering wheel as my insides were being shaken by the northern Kenyan “road.” Benson, however, had a smile from ear to ear. “How does this compare to your regular ride?” I […]

The Furnace

If you’ve never experienced a Minnesota winter, you might not completely understand how brutally cold it is! It is no wonder that in the early days of Bethany, those who met to pray daily gathered in a furnace room to keep warm. This furnace room became a place of encounter and intercession. Any lasting move […]

Prayer, A Necessity.

Prayer is a privilege purchased for us but the blood of Christ, a privilege, strangely enough that we greatly neglect. We have many privileges which God in His mercy gives us, but if we examine our privileges we will find that they are necessary as well. However, the privilege is secondary to the necessity. So […]

What, Me, Reaching…Buddhists?

Dale Teal is a financial advisor in Minneapolis and has been a Bethany Donor for some years. Dale’s faith is in action every week through teaching in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), hosting a small group in his local church, and through living out Kingdom values in his workplace. He loves to travel and has done […]

A Brazilian Restaurant in Africa Making a Big Impact

Twenty years ago, Bethany missionaries from Brazil began a Churrascaria in a country in West Africa. After much perseverance and hard work, the restaurant is thriving and generates revenue to bless many ministries both inside Africa and more recently in South Asia. Today, inside that West African country, the restaurant’s profits fully contribute towards the […]

Helping Others Do the Same

Bethany seeks to effectively partner worldwide to accelerate the spread of the gospel. We identify specific challenges and opportunities that warrant collaborative efforts and address root causes rather than just symptoms. The measure is that the Lord Jesus is made known and that His Body is empowered to take the church to where it is […]

How the ENGAGE500 Initiative Works

HIDDEN PEOPLES There are thousands of people groups worldwide with no Christian witness. These are real people, with real faces and real names. Engaging them is no easy task. It requires working together to identify, adopt, and mobilize workers. 1. Trapped in Need Unreached people groups often have significant health, educational and community development needs […]

Good News

The concept of ethno linguistic people groups or “nations” was introduced by Ralph Winter in 1974. HIs insights brought a focus on reaching individual people groups, not just countries, with the Gospel. Despite many initiatives to “finish” the Great Commission task, about 2,000 distinct people groups and millions of villages still have little or no […]

Bethany International Around The World

We are working in 92 countries around the world through missionaries, BGU alumni, missionary training schools, and partners. A Report on Bethany International`s Ministries and Impact The mission statement of Bethany International is to “take the church to where it is not and help others do the same.” This report shares very encouraging and inspiring […]

Reaching Beyond Our Culture the Value of an Intercultural Education for All

A few years ago while attending a conference in South Korea, I was asked to preach in a local church. This, of course, required a translator since my Korean is less than fluent! Afterward, I was introduced to the elders of the church, who thanked me for the message and then very formally presented me […]

What Does it Mean to Take the Church to Where it’s Not? The Future of Bethany International

The original vision to “train, send, and support 100 missionaries” captured the heart of Bethany’s founding generation. It was fulfilled in 1975. In 2010, Bethany embraced the mission to “take the church to where it is not…and help others do the same.” THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE GLORY OF THE LORD WILL COVER THE EARTH AS […]

Growing the Missions Workforce the Future Impact of Bethany Global University

Beginning last fall, Bethany Global University began to experience some significant growth in the student body. Our school enrollment has tripled in the last two years. Looking forward to the spring when seniors return from internship and new January students start, we could have a total on-campus student body of 250! We believe that this […]

Passing the Torch in India:How Two Generations Partnered for the Sake of the Unreached

My parents met Joe and Barb Finsaas, Bethany missionaries in North India and Nepal, when they were studying at a seminary in the city of Bareilly, where Joe served as visiting faculty. My father had a great evangelistic zeal and Joe realized it. They started traveling together to many cities of North India preaching the […]

The Convergence of the Prayer and Missions Movement

It Started with a Prayer Meeting Just before Jesus returned to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father, he told his disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they were endued with power from on high. Later in the upper room, 120 men and women were filled with the Holy Spirit to be […]

We can Do More Together: Collaborating to Finish the Task of World Missions

Surely, we can do more together than we can do on our own. As we met with Sam Dunya, a Bethany missionary on Bethany campus last fall, it was clear God was overlapping our lives to do something more than we could imagine again… something God has been doing in Sam’s life in Ghana for […]

The Kingdom Impact of Your Prayers

Pray bold prayers for kingdom work. Expect big answers What do you really believe about prayer?  Do you pray like you truly believe God will move through your prayers?  Do you pray like you believe the Great Commission will move forward when you get on your knees? Too often we think that prayer is nice […]

The Old Story in a New Tongue

Fulfilling the Great Commission by Accelerating Bible Translation In 2015, a group of Zambian Christians attended a church service they will never forget. Their pastor was reading John 11 from a newly completed New Testament translation. It was the first time the church had heard the story of Lazarus in their heart language of Nsenga. […]

Where Isn’t the Thai Church?

Man’s List or God’s List In Matthew 24:14 Jesus said “This gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”  Most Christians understand that when Jesus said this, the word nations is not referring to countries or nation-states. Instead Jesus is […]

Off the Couch and Into the World

 The harvest is plentiful Getting Unstuck January 4, 1974 – Up until then I was a typical seventeen year old without much room in my heart for God and certainly no use for the institutional church.  I was drifting through my last year of high school.  Life had been pretty much in neutral until I […]

coMISSION Magazine – Issue 2

Our second issue of coMISSION Magazine is out and should be hitting a number of mailboxes now. The coMISSION magazine is a biannual publication if Bethany International that seeks to help others see the need and hear the call of world missions. The great commission is not a task for a select few, but an […]

BIG NEWS: Bethany Global University is Now Accredited!

Students at BGU now receive an accredited education while they do missions work overseas. Today BGU announced that it was awarded accreditation through The Association for Biblical Higher Education. Partnered with BGU’s tuition-paid program, students who intend to serve on the mission field can now earn a college degree that maintains high educational standards, and […]

Let’s Set the Record Straight on Missions in Europe

Okay, so the Lord has burdened my heart to write about this subject that is so close to my heart. For those of you just joining us, I did a missionary internship in Marseille, France last year, and I’m going to Belfast, Northern Ireland next year as a missionary. So clearly, God has given me […]

Building a Global Mission Force: On the Homefront and Abroad

Bethany Global University (BGU) is now more than ever focused on preparing students to extend God’s kingdom to where it is not.  As a strategy of Bethany International, we strive to see students transformed by the cross, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and prepared with intercultural educational experience so that they can lead, serve, and […]

Filling the Gaps in the Kingdom Through Gateway Access Platforms

Nearly 2,000 years have passed since Jesus said, “Go, therefore, and make disciples…”  Over 200 years have passed since William Carey said, “Attempt great things for God; Expect great things from God” and set sail for India igniting the modern missionary movement. Significant progress has been made since that time in the reaching of all […]

Engage500 – Partnering to Reach the Unreached

For twenty years Bethany has been an anchor partner in a missionary training and sending alliance called GlobeServe.  Starting with 6 members in 1995 GlobeServe has grown to 280 missionary training schools with workers in 66 countries of the world. In 2014 more than 900 churches were planted and 25,000 people brought to Christ and […]

Why Missions Still Matter & 11 Countries That Need Your Help Today

This is a time of change in our culture. More and more people are leaving church dissatisfied, knowing that there is something more to being a Christian than what they are being shown. There is a deepening need to make positive change in the lives of people around us. Life is short; making good use […]

coMISSION Magazine: Bethany International’s New Publication

June 21st was Bethany’s 70th anniversary. Through the last seven decades, thousands of graduates have served as Great Commission Christians in US ministries, in their local churches, and in the marketplace. More than 900 missionaries have been sent through 90 mission agencies to 69 countries. Today, I can say without hesitation, “Hitherto has the Lord […]

New November Events at BGU

November was a full and exciting month for Bethany Global University! The students participated in one of two weekend events of their choice called the Furnace and the Forge. The Furnace was focused on developing intimacy with the Lord through prayer and worship, and training the students in intercession and evangelism. Along with extended times […]

Missions Conference in Brazil

Recently a missions conference was hosted at the Altonia Bible School by JUMIB, the Brazilian missionary sending agency.  Paul and Elizabeth Strand were guest speakers for the conference.  Paul told about his journey into missions, and also gave a message on the unfinished task.  Students were greatly impacted by the news of the unfinished task. […]

Leader’s Conference

  Every April STEM (Short-Term Evangelical Missions) hosts a 3-day national Short-Term Mission Leaders’ Conference (STMLC) at Bethany in Minneapolis.  STMLC is one of three training conferences endorsed by the “U.S. Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission. ” We’ll help train your short-term mission leaders, coordinators, and other short-term missions staff for maximum impact in […]


In 2002 a 10-year goal was embraced to establish 100 mission training schools  to prepare workers to plant churches among unreached peoples by 2012. This “GO100″goal was surpassed in 2008. Then the Field5000 goal was set to send 5000 workers in the next five years (2013). Last May, during the GlobeServe Triennial Conference held here at […]

June Marathon

Ezekial Rain is a ministry that works to rescue, bring healing and release to victims of sex trafficking in Thailand. Bethany International plans to come alongside them by holding an awareness and fund-raising marathon in June and also working with them through teams and projects. STEM in Haiti   The first of two STEM teams […]

Anti-Human Trafficking Challenge: June 2, 2012

The focus of this event is to raise awareness of the tens of thousands of people every year who are being trafficked many of them in the sex trade.  You can walk or run in conjunction with the Minneapolis Marathon on Sunday, June 3, but instead do it on Saturday right here around the Bethany campus.  Already […]

Training in South America

Training schools in South America are gearing up for the new school year to begin in March. Pray for a good number of students for each of the schools in Chile, Paraguay and Brazil (Petrolina, Curitiba and Altonia). Luke 10:2 “…the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray earnestly to the […]

Anti-Human Trafficking Challenge

In the days to come you will hear more about ways in which you can become involved to provide long-term solutions to human trafficking. A primary way to do this is through the Anti-Human Trafficking Challenge – the Minneapolis Marathon and Half-Marathon. Now you may say, “I am not a runner.” You DON’T need to […]

New Mission Publishing Model Introduced

Thanks to the Bethany Press team for sharing with the Bethany Family the new model of publishing that is emerging today. For the past 5 ½ years we have prayed for and wondered if there was a “new” expression of publishing Christian resources and a possible expansion of the historic “Business as Missions” model that […]

Cambodian Bible Project

The Bethany family celebrated the launch of a Bible press in the heart of Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Thanksgiving Day. The vision behind the press is to see one million Bibles printed in the Khmer language in the next five years. For the first time in Cambodia’s history, the Bible will be accessible to all […]

Global Prayer for the Poor and Suffering

Christians all over the world join together today to pray for those suffering poverty. There are approximately 1 billion people who struggle to survive on less than one dollar a day. Often, efforts to help these suffering masses are unsuccessful because of government corruption. Bethany will hold a 1/2 Day Set Apart tomorrow, Tuesday, December […]

Our People at Work

Some of our college interns have left Kenya due to safety issues there. They moved to Tanzania and are learning Swahili. Lowell and Sheri Glick (Mexico) have started a new outreach in Monte los Garcia. Paul S. is in Nigeria to teach and consult nationals. Ross H. is in Africa assisting nationals begin a training […]

Sound the Trumpet

At the Bethany gathering on October 27, Dan Brokke reminded the Bethany community of its calling to “go” to the nations together. We don’t just tell others to “go,” but we go ourselves through prayer, personal involvement and support.  God is working among us and this is a time for deeper involvement in prayer focused […]

Accreditation Site Visit

Last Monday and Tuesday the ABHE accreditation site team visited Bethany and read reports, visited with the board, students, graduates, and staff, faculty, and administration personnel. Each day they would research and assess and each evening would write reports. Our accreditation committee met with the five-member accreditation site team for their final report. The site visit […]

Accreditation Update

Bethany College of Missions is applying for accreditation with The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) which is not only recognized by the United States Department of Education but also by the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education, the theological education affiliate of the World Evangelical Alliance. The Council is a global community sponsored by […]

Conference in Nigeria

This past week the MANI Conference was held in Abuja, Nigeria. About 700 African and international leaders met  to address and plan responses to significant needs and opportunities that present themselves. One presenter defined so clearly what an opportunity is: a great need to which there is great resource that can be connected. NEED, RESOURCE, […]


Welcome to the 32 new freshmen who came on campus last week. We are impressed with them and look forward to seeing them grow in understanding and confidence as they embrace God’s calling. Already, they have had significant encounters with the Lord and growth of relationship with each other and the sophomores. Cambodia Bethany is […]


A team from the Association for Biblical Higher Education will be at Bethany from October 10-12, 2011 to conduct a site visit.  For over a year and a half the College has been in the process to seek accreditation. The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) comprises about 200 evangelical postsecondary institutions throughout North America […]

BCOM & STEM work together

  Short-term Evangelical Missions (STEM) has worked with Bethany College of Missions (BCOM) several times this year; including a great tie-in with the leadership class seniors have been taking the past couple weeks. A group of a dozen or so participated in a STEM team designed to give them real-life experiences as a leader of […]

Update 7/20

It is always a blessing to have missionary families on campus. At Wednesday chapel David S. (Asia) shared on Paul’s words in I Cor. 9:19-22 about becoming “all things to all men” to reach and win them for Christ. It was such a clear teaching on the missionary call to “go” and “become like” those […]

Missions Short Term

Short Term Evangelical Missions Here’s the schedule of STEM teams for the remainder of June.  Thank you for your prayers for effective ministry! Paraguay: June 10 – 20 This group is working with Mision Betania, a “grandchild” ministry of Bethany International Honduras: June 17 – 26 This is a large team of first-timers, mostly teen-agers […]

Asia Ministry

John P. just returned from leading a STEM team to serve with BCOM Grad, Noah, in Asia.  The team spent several hours a day interacting with university students wanting to learn conversational English.  The coffee shop business that Noah runs is a constant hang out place for students.  The team also did Prayer Walking around […]

Update 5.16.11

Last week we welcomed back the college seniors from their Global Internships in Kenya, France, and Eurasia. They now begin their final term as seniors and will graduate in August. It was great fun hearing from them in chapel this past Wednesday. Our GlobeServe Partners, including the GlobeServe Executive Committee, are on campus for our […]

Go100 in Africa

Paul S., Go100 consultant: “The ENSEMBLE group has a vision to train and send African missionaries to unreached tribes in North Africa and the Sahel. Made up of mostly African mission leaders and a few missionaries, Ensemble invited GO100 to meet them in Senegal in March. They heard of us from schools in Tanzania and […]

Informational Evenings

We will have Bethany College of Missions Info Nights on Monday, May 16 and Monday, June 27 from 6 pm – 8 pm. These are brief informational times for those who are interested in attending BCOM in the 2011-12 school year. Please spread the word among potential students, their parents and pastors. Promotional cards to […]

Bethany Press and Anchor Distributors Launch OnDemandPlus

New Publishing Model Transforms Christian Publishing Bethany Press has aligned with Anchor Distributors to launch OnDemandPlus, a cutting-edge metadata inventory management and print distribution program. To support the program, Bethany Press has launched a high-capacity digital print operation inside Anchor’s distribution facility in New Kensington, PA. OnDemandPlus combines the print technologies of Bethany Press with […]

Keynote Speaker: Loren Cunningham

The last time that Loren Cunningham spoke at Bethany was probably at  Ted Hegre’s (our founder’s) funeral. He was and is a true friend to Bethany. The global YWAM family now has 1300 bases in more than 170 countries. Loren and Darlene have tried to visit as many of these bases and their YWAMer’s over the […]


Dr. Jim Raymo, a local college professor and former BCOM faculty member, gave a presentation and led discussion at Bethany regarding this “Millennial Generation.” Here are some of the thoughts and observations he shared: This generation is holistic, generous, interested in meeting needs, connected through technology, team-oriented (while being independent), visionary, and want to make […]

Commission 2011:

Over 150 people have registered for this event with Loren Cunningham on Saturday, April 16. We trust the Lord for hundreds of people to attend and grow in their commitment to be a Kingdom-minded impact player. The heart of our prayer for this is that God draw people to Himself, that they would be awakened to […]

Week in review

BCOM Preview Twenty-nine prospective students were on campus last week. They were challenged by “Who do you think you are?”-an encounter experience concerning their identity in Christ. They joined our students for worship and heard Grayling Trees share how God took ordinary men (Peter and John) and gave them a message that brought transformation, healing, […]

Visit Our College

Do you or someone you know have an interest in attending Bethany College of Missions? If so, check out “BCOM Preview” being held Mar 24 – 25. Not only is “Preview” an introduction to BCOM, but it is designed to challenge the hearts of young people to make God first in their lives and to […]

BCOM Up Close

BCOM Preview: The spring campus visit event is coming soon (March 24 & 25)! The Preview is not only an introduction to Bethany College of Missions, but is designed to challenge the hearts of young people to make God first in their lives and to consecrate themselves to His purposes and plans for their futures. […]

Our Mission

Bethany International Ministries We have 14 people in pre-field preparation. Eleven of them plan to depart for the field in 2011. These missionaries will serve in six countries where they will minister to university students; rescue victims of human trafficking, serve as Global Internship leaders; learn and apply midwifery skills; assist in village medical outreach; […]

Time Set Apart

Bethany staff and students had an extended time for fasting, worship, and prayer on Tuesday, February 8. In addition, a Skype interview took place with Jason and Bekah W. (BCOM ’05) and the Global Internship team in Kenya. It was so good to see the group and hear what they are involved in and share […]

Pray the Lord of the Harvest

Commission 2011 A mid-west missions conference will be held at Bethany on Saturday, April 16. It is for those who desire to see the Good News taken to those who have never heard. Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With a Mission, will be the keynote speaker. You may find more information about it at this […]

International Ministries

Several exciting developments in our international ministries have occurred in the past few weeks: A funding commitment for the Integrated Development training program in Kenya A major grant commitment for expansion of Mission Training and Training of Trainer Schools in Asia Several foundations, ministries and churches have come together to fund a Bible printing vision […]


Tim F. recently shared highlights from his recent trips for Bethany. Partners doing an integrated development project in Kenya are transforming desert area into a farm. People in this semi-arid area will be able to spend a couple of months at a farm to learn the techniques to develop farms in this climate. While in […]

Train and Send

Bethany College of Missions – BCOM The freshmen have started their spring semester with a Biblical Worldview class while the sophomores learn about the Suffering Church. Short-term Evangelical Missions – STEM This is a strategic time for us to continue recruiting teams as churches make plans for the year ahead. We’d like to book more […]

This New Year

This first week of 2011 is so much more than just the beginning of a new year. This week 15 new Bethany College of Missions January freshmen began orientation. The Rivendell Sanctuary program (partner education Christian worldview Associate of Arts degree) launched with 25 students. Congratulations!!! Birthdays Wednesday we celebrated Reba Dahlen’s and Jim Pope’s […]

15 Enter Training

Fifteen new BCOM Students are going through their orientation today. Their spring semester starts Friday when they begin classes. Another College on Campus The Rivendell Sanctuary Program launches this week on the Bethany campus after several years of developing curriculum and presenting their program to parents, potential students, and a number of ministry and business […]

Partners in Publishing

Bethany Press in collaboration with a new Bethany-sponsored entity called Partners in Publishing is working with a graduate from Bethany International University in Singapore who serves in Cambodia. This individual has developed a nation-wide ministry in training missionaries and church planters. In addition to this, he publishes and prints Christian books. Partners in Publishing is collaborating with […]


Freshmen Classes Start in January The new BCOM freshmen start orientation on January 4. On the same day the Rivendell Sanctuary Program launches on the Bethany, Minneapolis campus after several years of developing curriculum and presenting their program to parents, potential students, and a number of ministry and business leaders. They are expecting more than twenty […]

Short-term Teams

Prohibitively high airline prices forced the cancellation of  the Haiti Team #721 that was scheduled over the New Year holiday. However, STEM has twenty-two teams scheduled for 2011. Here are some for winter and spring that are open for anyone to join: Team #722, Haiti, Jan 6-13 Team #729, Haiti, Jan 7-22, Biola University Team […]

Global Interns

We have had first-hand reports about the work of our college interns in recent weeks. One way we heard from the interns was via Skype during our prayer and fasting chapel. It was a great way to interact with students at two Global Intern sites. Paul and Theresa H. have ministered to the interns at […]

New Goal

STEM Ministries has a goal of sending out 42 teams in 2011. The goal is not just a numbers issue—we believe God has given us a mandate to help Christians “get out of the pew and onto the mission field.”  We have open invitations from over 25 hosts both domestic and abroad to bring on […]

The Impact of Serving

In John 13 Jesus demonstrated His love for the disciples in a powerfully tangible way-He washed their feet. This was something that no Master would do for his servants or no Rabbi would do for his students. It was terribly unsettling to them. Since conventional thinking would say that a servant is not greater than […]

World Outreach

I have been to a number of large gatherings of followers of Jesus-some for youth, some for regional missions, and others that are evangelistic crusades, but I have to say that nearly 5000 representatives from 198 countries, all in one room and all singing praises to Jesus is pretty powerful. It gives a small picture […]

Cape Town

Dan Brokke left Saturday evening for Cape Town and the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. Monday afternoon he met with the US contingency. Tomorrow he joins delegates from Africa and South America who look to strengthen partnerships focused on evangelizing least-reached peoples. The heart of the Lausanne movement for nearly 40 years has been to […]

Lausanne Congress Broadcast

Cape Town 2010 will bring together 4,000 Christian leaders from 200 countries in Cape Town, South Africa from October 16-25. The purpose of this event is for the Church of this generation to understand our times and become more effective in world evangelization. Bethany is a Global Link site which means we will broadcast all the […]

As we continue on…

Today’s update gives a very personal and up-close look at the day-to-day happenings of Bethany, written by President Dan Brokke to Bethany associates, ministry interns, and students in his weekly update. It has been some time since we all prayer walked the campus. [We did this last Tuesday]. It was again great to hear what […]

New Mobilization Team

Mobilization Bethany (Minneapolis) has formed a Mobilization Team that will work locally and throughout the Midwest to expand relationships, serve churches, ministries, Christian schools and engage with networks and leaders. John and Kathie P., Grayling T. and Rick B. are the team members. They represent all of Bethany International’s ministry and training opportunities – STEM, […]

A New Year

The new BCOM schoolyear has begun with 85 freshmen and sophomores engaged in their Evangelism, Discipleship and Community course. There are 21 interns serving overseas. As well, 21 young people, many BCOM graduates, are serving at the Bloomington campus in various positions or overseas as intern field advisors. Bethany Center for Global Studies will begin […]

Fall 2010 Freshmen

This has been a “fun” week. Freshmen students on campus again remind us what a great responsibility and opportunity God has placed before us. Grayling T. gave a powerful word for students Tuesday evening regarding two mountains of God—the mountain of His Presence and the mountain of His passion. Many responded to surrender all to […]


From Go100 associate, Jamie S. (BCOM ’96), pictured above (middle): “I had a great time co-leading a STEM team to San Pedro Sula, Honduras July 23 – August 4. It has been 11 years since I last visited the land of my birth. This trip was fun because whenever a Honduran found out that I […]


The College Once again preparations are being made for 50 freshmen to arrive on campus (Aug 23) and for sophomores to return (Aug 17). The seniors are currently on their grad retreat. They graduate on August 14. Everyone is cordially invited to their graduation being held at Bethany Church at 2:00 PM. January freshmen are […]


Thanks to all who volunteered to make our Bethany Picnic (July 24) a success. What a beautiful day and great opportunity to catch up with alumni, staff, missionaries and friends of Bethany from throughout the years. Awaken Team A group of young people who have all served in YWAM have joined us this week. The […]

Change in Climate

Last week in chapel, Bethany workers Lowell (Mexico) and Geoff (Asia) shared of how they have seen a new openness to the Gospel. Where just a couple of years ago it seemed people couldn’t or wouldn’t hear the Gospel, there is now increased interest, openness, and response to Jesus. The spiritual climate has changed. The […]

500th team

The 500th team to be sent out by STEM left for Honduras on Saturday! A prayer-walking team will head to Asia on Sunday 11. We really appreciate your prayers for the many teams which have already gone out this year. We’ve had wonderful reports of fruitful ministry, lives touched, and team members returning with a renewed […]

The Next Term

Bethany Center for Global Studies New classes start August 9 and will run until October 3 Biblical Foundations of Leadership – Tom Shetler Perspectives on Intercultural Leadership – Ed Dudek Collaborative Leadership   – Tom Shetler For more information we invite you to visit the BCGS webpage. You can also contact Rick Boswell, Director of Online Marketing […]

On Campus

A group of approximately 50 adults are at Bethany this week for overseas training through TeachBeyond. The majority of them will be serving at Black Forest Academy and a few will be serving in International and MK (missionary kids) schools throughout the world. STEM Update Three teams are currently serving with Short-Term Evangelical Missions (STEM). […]

Interns Receive their Associates Degrees

Last week three interns who studied in Manila arrived back on campus and this week they graduated from BCOM. While in the Philippines, they were able to work with children and their families who where displaced by floods that hit Manila a few months ago. About 3 million people in the Manila area are living […]

Reports from Graduates

Last week Jolean (’04) shared in chapel about her intercessory prayer ministry in Romania. Next month she will be leaving to work with the English Language Institute in Asia. Jolean is very enthused about this new adventure. Franz Clotaire (’85) , from Haiti, also spoke in chapel. Since the Haiti earthquake people who had been closed […]

Back to Haiti

STEM Please pray for the team from St Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Eden Prairie (in Haiti, May 29 – June 06). Protection in travel, both air and ground Health of the team, leaders, and other Haitian and Dominican participants Effective ministry both in construction and in ministering to Haitians’ spiritual needs Divine appointments for the team […]


I (Dan Brokke) recently visited Seoul, Korea. Beginning the moment I landed until I left I had an amazing, favor-filled series of meetings with leaders. From meeting with Pastor Ha, founder of the 60,000 member eight-campus Onnuri Church, to the leaders of their mission training and sending program, to the Christian Global Network Satellite TV […]

President’s Letter

I am writing while traveling on a train from the Tokyo 2010 Conference to the Narita Airport. The past two days have been very beneficial here in Tokyo with a number of great contacts and interest in BCOM training, Go100 mission training model, and looking at potential opportunities to pioneer ministry to unreached people groups. […]

Global Interns Return

After 16 months of serving as BIM missionaries, 20 Global Interns arrived on campus for their final summer term. For the next two chapels (May 12th and May 19th) they will be sharing about their experiences. These next months will be a time of reflection, processing what they have learned and experienced, what God has […]


GlobeServe partners, Dr. and Mrs. Steven Kabachia were on campus here at Bethany from last Thursday through Monday of this week. Dr. Kabachia, bishop of the 120+ churches of Agape Fellowship in Kenya, was a plenary speaker at this year’s Short Term Mission Leaders’ Conference put on by STEM. Dr. Kabachia shared his insights on […]

Spring Semester Ending

At the end of this week students will be heading home. On Wednesday we will recognize the one-year certificate recipients. Next week three global intern teams return from their 16-months of ministry overseas and will begin their final term as seniors. This is always an exciting time of the year. So far forty-two students are accepted […]

International Conference

This Thursday the STMLC (Short-Term Mission Leaders Conference) will begin. In all the talk about next week’s conference, here’s something you may not have realized. We have a mini-conference attached to a bigger conference. The national SHORT-TERM MISSION LEADERS CONFERENCE begins at 6:30 on Thursday evening April 24. But at 8:00am that same morning we […]

STEM Leaders Conference 2010

STEM’s Short-term Missions Conference is April 22 – 24 on the Bethany Campus. You can visit their Web site for more information. All are invited! Get Training at Bethany International Ministries Bethany International will be hosting a Call2All America rally for pastors and leaders of the Twin Cities area on Friday, April 9th. Call to […]


Paradox is a college visit day for prospective students and their parents that will be held April 15-16. All are welcome!  If your church would be open advertising Paradox to its youth, please contact us. A big thanks to those who have already given a promo packet to their church! STEM A team from Oak Hills […]

Bethany Missionaries

Lowell & Sheri G. work on a team with the vision to raise up 15 teams from local churches to impact 50 communities in the state of Zacatecas, one of the least evangelized areas of Mexico. Currently they are reaching into 15 villages. Their daughters join in ministry, teaching children’s VBS, giving puppet shows and […]

25 Years of Ministry

Tuesday, March 16, marks the 25th anniversary of the very first STEM team sent out. It was a team from the Singles group of New Hope Church formerly Crystal Evangelical Free Church, New Hope, MN, sent to Haiti to work at an orphanage. This was the first of about 10 teams sent that year to […]

Goal of 5,000

Field 5000 Bethany leaders head to South Africa to meet with the international GlobeServe Executive Committee to assess progress, pray and plan for advance in the Field 5000 goal of sending 5000 workers to unreached and least reached people groups. Haiti The STEM team to Haiti (Feb. 27 – Mar. 6) was divided up and […]

Rejoice in the Lord…

Several from Bethany will be going to South Africa at the end of this week to meet with the GlobeServe Executive Committee. These are representatives from the nine HUBS within the GlobeServe Training Network (173 mission training schools) along with our training consultants. All desire to work together and train workers to the church go […]

Our Focus

The Bethany Board of Trustees arrived on campus February 21 for the first of three board meetings they will have this year. Along with receiving reports on the College, International Ministries, and Bethany Press, they will focus on Bethany’s vision and priorities for the next few years. There are several objectives that flow out of […]

BCOM Paradox

PARADOX is an opportunity for high school students, young adults, parents and pastors to come for an overnight visit here at Bethany College of Missions (BCOM). This time (April 15, 16) will be filled with worship, fellowship, and info sessions about BCOM. Why do we call it PARADOX? A paradox is something that seems contradictory, […]

Teams to Haiti

STEM’s ‘Scout’ team has returned from Haiti and is working hard at putting together all of the logistics and information for future teams. The first teams that STEM will be sending out are as follows: February 27 – March 6; March 6-13; March 13-20.  There will likely be more teams to follow for individuals who want […]

Bethany Alumni in Haiti

We have all seen reports from the tragic earthquake in Haiti. It is a tragedy beyond comprehension. Several have asked about our Bethany alumni who live in Haiti. We have received reports that they are okay. Teams to Haiti We will be sending teams to Haiti for relief and ministry work in the weeks ahead, […]

A Great Need

Bethany International is responding to the tragedy in Haiti in several ways. We will send our first relief team to Haiti in six weeks. Two more teams will follow. We welcome you to join one of these teams. What to Do? Bethany now oversees a ministry called Short-Term Evangelical Missions (STEM). STEM has sent 115 teams to Haiti […]

Focused Prayer

Many in the Bethany community have sensed a need to gather together for worship, intercession and to listen, watch and be taught by the Lord. As a result, corporate prayer times have been set for Bethany International associates, interns, volunteers, and students: 4 PM Mondays (starting in February): focused gathering to launch each week 12 PM […]

Semester Wrap Up

Many Bethany folk are heading out for the Christmas and New Year holidays to be with family and friends. The students ended their semester Friday and will be gone until the first week of January. New students arrive on campus on January 5th and begin their orientation week. We have teams going out on Global […]

Honoring Staff Residents

Once again we had the privilege in our Wednesday Chapel to recognized and honor a couple of our Founding Generation of staff retirees—Henry Krell and Bill Flack. Both served on the Bethany Fellowship staff for many years. They were behind the scenes, get-things-fixed kind of guys. And, still today they are serving, bringing their gifts […]

Paul Sunde

After several years of battling cancer, Paul Sunde went home to be with Jesus November 28. His funeral was in Japan where he served for nearly 35 years as a Bethany missionary, doing the work of an evangelist and pastoring a church in Osaka. Dan Brokke visited Paul and Reiko, Paul’s wife, in early June. […]


From Dan Brokke I am so grateful for the mercy of God and His ministry to us. My prayer leading up to our Day Set Apart was that God would meet with us in His way. Yesterday morning I got a report that on several Christian college campuses and at IHOP in Kansas City, God […]

Set Yourself Apart

President Dan Brokke’s Weekly Report I was struck this week with Jesus’ approach to His calling and mission in Israel. In Matthew 9:35-58 we read the account of this process. 1. He walked through all the towns and villages. 2. He preached the good news of the Kingdom. 3. He healed every disease and sickness. […]

Introducing Bethany This Week

This Thursday, November 12, more than 100 guests will join us in the Bethany Press bindery for a luncheon where they will be introduced to Bethany and its mission. The Uniqueness of Christ The Ethne conference (Bogota, Colombia) was a tremendously encouraging and envisioning time for Dan Brokke, with about 350 ministry and mission leaders […]

A Change in Focus

There was a discussion in the BCOM staff meeting last week about Bethany’s founding coming out of a life transforming message-The Message of the Cross. Through the years we have described facets of it as sanctification, victorious Christian living, death to self, identification with Christ, alive to God, crucified with Christ, minding the things of […]

Watchmen on the Walls

We have begun to get commitments for prayer “watches” in the Prayer Room or in the “virtual” (anywhere on campus or around the world) prayer room. A master calendar will eventually be posted on the web. Last Wednesday students prepared to lead worship times throughout the week and others signed up to assist with sound, […]


A week ago in our Team Bethany Chapel I laid out the basics of our Bethany Prayer Room vision. The Prayer Room is a place where we can corporately grow in a lifestyle of intimacy with and love for God. It is out of this that all other service flows; seeing God’s purposes established on […]

A Word of Thanks

From Dan Brokke My mom and I (and our whole family) would like to thank you for your tremendous love and support during these past days. We have received hundreds of messages of appreciation for “Pastor Brokke’s” impact in lives through his teaching, personal care and ministry, and for being a man of consistent integrity […]

Harold Brokke

Pastor Harold Brokke, who served at Bethany since 1948, passed away on Tuesday, September 15. The family wishes to say “thank you” for the testimonies and words of love and sympathy sent from around the world.


It was a “sad” week for us with the resignations of Ken Krause and Richee Parks from BCOM and BHOP. They are men we respect deeply—men we have so enjoyed working alongside. These kinds of transitions are difficult, especially at the start of the new school year. Ken and Richee are taking the next three weeks to […]

Urban Ministry

507 people have gone out on STEM (Short-Term Evangelical Missions) teams this year and we have begun recruiting teams for next year. Just as important as that is all the follow-up that occurs with team members, leaders, and host receivers. It’s an ongoing process and we ask for your prayers for leadership training and growth […]

Ron Asmus

Thursday afternoon several hundred friends attended the funeral for Ron Asmus, longtime friend and former home staff member of Bethany. What impressed me is the breadth of impact one life can have, when truly given to the Lord. Everywhere that Ron worked and everyone with whom he worked could tell the same story of fun, […]

a big day

Congrats to the Grads! The Bethany College of Missions graduation was held Saturday at Bethany Church. I am so impressed with the spirit, vision, and intentionality of each graduate to “be” missionaries as a life style, not just a vocation. When I asked them their thoughts about the future; here is some of what they […]

The Tornado

Reflections from Dan Brokke I have thought about today, the 6th of August, several times throughout this year. It marked a day 40 years ago of tragedy and shock for the entire Bethany family. None of us imagined that seven of our community would suddenly be with Jesus in a moment of time. I am […]

The Launch of a New School

Christian Montessori Training Teachers from Korea, California, Costa Rica and Minnesota are here and ready to learn. These 9 students are attending the three-week Christian Montessori Training School held on our campus. Former BCOM student Grace Lee is the instructor for the school which trains students to become trainers and teachers in Christian Montessori schools […]

God in People’s Lives

Missionaries on Furlough It is always a joy to have our missionaries on campus with us to catch up with them personally and find out what God is doing through them and how He is leading. Fourteen of them attended a two-week seminar presented by our BIM staff. As well, the missionaries shared about their […]

Home & Abroad

Ongoing Training for our Field Workers The Home Assignment Seminar (July 13-24) has 14 adults and 13 missionary kids in attendance. The BCOM senior class is helping BIM staff with seminar logistics and MK activities. Pray that the seminar will be a blessing to the missionaries and their families. Pray also for Milta, Linda and Amy […]

August 10 – New Term for Distance Ed

The Bethany Center for Global Studies (BCGS) team is preparing for the start of the next distance education term that begins August 10. This week we received an application for the MA in Intercultural Leadership from one of the U.S. leaders of an international missions agency. We are presently in dialog with that agency and other U.S.-based missions to potentially partner […]

Application Deadline for Fall Term

Short-Term (STEM) This week we’ve enjoyed having BCOM students join our urban team as together they went out into the streets, witnessing and sharing the Kingdom of God! During the coming week, STEM will have two teams out, one ministering in Urban Minneapolis and the other in Biloxi, MS. Here are some specific prayers for […]

summer is here!

The Jewish World Kay Hudgins from the YWAM Jewish World Office, was our special guest speaker Sunday, June 21. She shared on God’s heart for Israel along with how and why to pray for the Jewish people. Summer Schedule Change Effective this week, Bethany House of Prayer is cutting back on the number of prayer […]

Paul McKaughan Visits Campus

Former BCOM student and BIM associate, Paul McKaughan (’61), was on campus June 10 to meet with associates and to speak in chapel. God has given him a unique platform of ministry as an encourager, cross-pollinator and helper to mission and ministry leaders. Missions can be expressed in the following words today: Meaning – Short term bursts instead of […]

Messages That Inspire

Weekly Devotionals George Foster is writing devotionals that are posted weekly on the Bethany International website. George has a wonderful way of communicating truth that strengthens and encourages people. Bethany House of  Prayer The notes and messages from the Forerunner Gatherings in BHOP are available online. Richee Parks just spoke on the Great Commission.

Dave Sliker Visits Campus

Teaching David Sliker and a team from the International House of Prayer ministered to us last week. Dave acknowledged the age difference between students and the older, resident staff members. Younger people tend to want to be on the “cutting edge”, while older people generally prefer less change. This can cause conflict. The key gift […]

Team Building

President Dan Brokke recently met with Kent Parks, the International Director of Mission to Unreached Peoples. Kent shared how they have just made a major move as a mission to approaching their work around the world in a field-based team context. That has been a priority at Bethany Missions for a long time. It is […]

Mission Leaders Discuss Mobilization

I am in the Charlotte, NC airport returning from a week of meetings with the Ethne steering committee in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Thanks to you who were praying. This was very beneficial week of developing new relationships and establishing opportunities for future partnership.

Today, one fourth or 27% of the world has almost no access to the Gospel. The Ethne Group’s vision is “peoples joining together to glorify God among all peoples.” This group of mission leaders seeks to celebrate Great Commission progress, access current opportunities and resources, and accelerate movements. I was asked to join them because of Bethany’s missions training and sending experience and legacy.

Podcasts now available!

We have launched the “Podcasts” portion of our website with two exciting messages. These are the two messages now available: Harold Brokke on “Noah: A Righteous Man” Paris Reidheid on the well-known story of Ten Shekels and a Shirt  

9-Month Discipleship Training Course Called “Consecrate”

Recently, a new on-campus internship program was introduced on the BCOM website: Consecrate. Take a few minutes and look it up on the BGU website. Consecrate is discipleship training focused on serving the needs of this generation to gain Biblical foundations in their lives, grow in intimacy and relationship with the Lord, and discover a revelation […]