Issue 5 – Fall 2017

Featured Issue Articles

A Brazilian Restaurant in Africa Making a Big Impact

Twenty years ago, Bethany missionaries from Brazil began a Churrascaria in a country in West Africa. After much perseverance and hard work, the restaurant is thriving and generates revenue to bless many ministries both inside Africa and more recently in South Asia. Today, inside that West African country, the restaurant’s profits fully contribute towards the […]

Helping Others Do the Same

Bethany seeks to effectively partner worldwide to accelerate the spread of the gospel. We identify specific challenges and opportunities that warrant collaborative efforts and address root causes rather than just symptoms. The measure is that the Lord Jesus is made known and that His Body is empowered to take the church to where it is […]

How the ENGAGE500 Initiative Works

HIDDEN PEOPLES There are thousands of people groups worldwide with no Christian witness. These are real people, with real faces and real names. Engaging them is no easy task. It requires working together to identify, adopt, and mobilize workers. 1. Trapped in Need Unreached people groups often have significant health, educational and community development needs […]

Good News

The concept of ethno linguistic people groups or “nations” was introduced by Ralph Winter in 1974. HIs insights brought a focus on reaching individual people groups, not just countries, with the Gospel. Despite many initiatives to “finish” the Great Commission task, about 2,000 distinct people groups and millions of villages still have little or no […]