Issue 6 – Spring 2018

Featured Issue Articles

How to Reach a Nation for Christ: The 7 Stages of Engagement

Bethany International sent its first missionaries to work among the unreached in the late 1940s. Seventy-two (72) years later, more than a thousand missionaries have been trained and sent and thousands of national missionaries have joined them. Today we are helping to make disciples of Jesus Christ among 269 unreached people groups in 70 countries, […]

Stepping Into the Unknown

Edward Jesudhas could not believe what he was hearing! Over and over, the Lord was challenging him to leave behind his ministry of 18 years and go out in faith to start all over again. Hadn’t he already done this once before? As a young man, he had left family and friends to become a […]

A Ride with Benson

I looked at Benson who was sitting beside me as we jolted our way along the seemingly never-ending road. My hands itched on the steering wheel as my insides were being shaken by the northern Kenyan “road.” Benson, however, had a smile from ear to ear. “How does this compare to your regular ride?” I […]

The Furnace

If you’ve never experienced a Minnesota winter, you might not completely understand how brutally cold it is! It is no wonder that in the early days of Bethany, those who met to pray daily gathered in a furnace room to keep warm. This furnace room became a place of encounter and intercession. Any lasting move […]

Prayer, A Necessity.

Prayer is a privilege purchased for us but the blood of Christ, a privilege, strangely enough that we greatly neglect. We have many privileges which God in His mercy gives us, but if we examine our privileges we will find that they are necessary as well. However, the privilege is secondary to the necessity. So […]

What, Me, Reaching…Buddhists?

Dale Teal is a financial advisor in Minneapolis and has been a Bethany Donor for some years. Dale’s faith is in action every week through teaching in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), hosting a small group in his local church, and through living out Kingdom values in his workplace. He loves to travel and has done […]