Issue 9 – Fall 2020

Featured Issue Articles

Four Phases of Fruitfulness in the Desert

As Jason and I walked to the center of the farm, I could feel the temperature drop several degrees due to the lushness of the vegetation around. Located in the desert of northern Kenya, this land was not always like this. In fact, when we selected it for the farm site, it was barren, dry, […]

Buddhist Monk Turned Missionary: Transformed by a Vision and God’s Word

Sonam was born and raised in the Kingdom of Bhutan, a landlocked country in South Asia. Surrounded by the awe-inspiring Himalayas, Bhutan has 74 distinct people groups – 71 of which are 0% Evangelical Christian. At the age of 12, Sonam began his journey toward becoming a Buddhist monk. For the next 7 years, like […]

My Internship in India: A Surprise of Salvation

In March 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began rejection major child assistance from organizations that didn’t align with India’s Hindu ideological standards. Miraculously, despite this, I was still able to serve with Bethany International’s team in India for my global internship. I spent the majority of my time in India teaching the English language to […]

Life at the Edge of God’s Kingdom

Marseille, France: Europe’s Gateway to North Africa Marseille provides a critical access point to several North African people groups who would otherwise be extremely challenging for Christians to reach – including the Algerian Moabite Berbers who have no known Christians among them. We are reaching out to the secular (anti-religious) French nationals as well as […]

Bringing Life to Lifeless Places

In 2012, I was given an offer that would forever change the direction of my family’s life and ministry. I was asked to consider the role of International Director of Bethany Gateways – Bethany International’s sending agency. At that point, we had been living in Africa for 13 years with no intention of leaving any […]

Edward Jesudhas: Celebrating the Life that Started a Movement

There I found myself, at the Delhi National Hospital morgue in India, mourning the death of my dear friend Edward. Edward was a man of God in every sense. This past December, God brought him home suddenly at the age of 42. This is the story of Edward Jesudhas, profound missionary, and my personal friend. […]