Accelerate The Fulfillment of the Great Commission

Bethany International strives to finish the task of the great commission by taking the church to where it is not. To where whole people groups have had zero chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your tax-deductible gift will:

  • Further the research of unreached people groups that sharpen our strategies to reach them.
  • Equip missionaries through academic as well as hands-on training.
  • Advance print-on-demand technology, enabling the creation and distribution of scripture and Christian literature in the hardest and darkest places.
  • Send missionaries to collaborate with the global church to reach unreached peoples systematically.
  • Enable our partners with the training they need to amplify their reach.

Your investment in Bethany International will produce a dividend that will last for eternity.

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All gifts made to Bethany are under the control of Bethany International to be used for its exempt purposes. Gifts may be preferenced to support the ministry of specific Bethany missionaries and their specific ministry efforts but these gifts are not to the individual but to Bethany for its exempt ministries. In the unlikely event that a program is over-funded or is not able to be carried out, Bethany will redirect the funds for a similar purpose.

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