15 Enter Training

Posted January 4, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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Fifteen new BCOM Students are going through their orientation today. Their spring semester starts Friday when they begin classes.

Another College on Campus

The Rivendell Sanctuary Program launches this week on the Bethany campus after several years of developing curriculum and presenting their program to parents, potential students, and a number of ministry and business leaders. 25 students arrived on campus today and had their first class.

Davis Norment, whose vision for a new model of education has led to the essential design of the Rivendell training program, recently shared with BCOM staff the convictions, content, and methods they will use to teach their students. As he said, they are using an “apprenticeship” approach to training with the goal of preparing young people to be able to stand in the face of a US culture that has left its Christian and Biblical foundations. The Rivendell program is 18-months-long. They will spend the majority of their education on campus, but will also do six weeks at an overseas location.

Bethany Center for Global Studies

Online classes began yesterday, January 3 at BCGS. Ed Dudek is teaching Vision and Strategic Planning while Tom Shetler is teaching Biblical Foundations of Leadership and Collaborative Leadership. If you think you might want to get a Masters Degree in Intercultural Leadership, visit the BCGS Webpage or contact Rick Boswell at DistanceEd@BethanyCGS.org.

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