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Posted March 15, 2010 by Bethany International in News

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Tuesday, March 16, marks the 25th anniversary of the very first STEM team sent out. It was a team from the Singles group of New Hope Church formerly Crystal Evangelical Free Church, New Hope, MN, sent to Haiti to work at an orphanage. This was the first of about 10 teams sent that year to Haiti and Jamaica. Since that time, STEM has sent 112 teams to Haiti and hundreds more to about a dozen different nations. Celebrate with us 25 years of God’s faithfulness and pray for many more years of fruitful service in His Kingdom.

Please pray for the team of six from five different states who will be ministering in Haiti March 13-21.

GlobeServe: South Africa

Dan Brokke, Tim F., Paul S., and Ed D. joined Herbert B. as host and nine others for the GlobeServe Executive Committee and GlobeServe Training Consultants team in Pretoria, South Africa for three days of consultations centering around Field5000. At this point it is estimated that we have sent at least 350 missionaries since Field5000 began in June of 2008.

We looked at John K’s newest work, which is a missionary sending manual designed to help GlobeServe schools visualize and implement strong missionary sending efforts. This will be a good tool for GlobeServe and we are excited to begin field testing it.

The meetings were very positive and it’s great to sense the passion that continues to climb among our GlobeServe leaders for the work we need to do to see Field5000 accomplished. To do so will mean the salvation of many who are presently locked in the darkness of being a part of an unreached people group.

Half Day Set Apart

On Tuesday we again participated in a half day of prayer. We focused on pure motives and seeing God as the one who does the work of sanctification in our lives. We began with a review of Psalm 27:4 and the progression of asking, seeking, dwelling and gazing.

From there we spent time meditating on:

  • Right Words/Wrong Spirit (Acts 16:6)
  • Right Motives/Wrong Understanding (2 Samuel 6)
  • Right Building/Wrong Builder (1 Chronicles 22)


Four more messages from Harold Brokke’s “Study in the Book of Roman’s” seminar have been posted on the Bethany I-Tunes page. Messages are posted weekly on the site. Other messages by Ted Hegre and Paris Reidhead have already been posted with more past Bethany speakers to come.

Bethany Center for Global Studies

Get a Certificate or Masters in Cross-Cultural Leadership

The next two start dates for online classes are March 15 and June 1.

One of the courses is Cultural Innovation and Change. This 8-week course examines the need for change in a world filled with poverty, disease, injustice and death and practical steps to bring this necessary change to pass. Students learn the principles, strategies, and methods for effective innovation and change based upon the experience of current innovators. A highlight of the course will be studying ways that poverty is being alleviated and lives saved by innovation and change in the developing world. Books for this course are Leading in a Culture of Change by Michael Fullan; Discipling Nations by Darrow Miller; The Legacy of William Carey by Vishal and Ruth Mangalwadi; and The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid by C.K. Prahalad.

Is this course something you could put to practical use in your current or future ministry? If so, check out the BCGS webpage or call Rick Boswell for more information 952-996-1450.

Students Share Christ at University

BCOM students go to the University of Minnesota every Monday night to share the Gospel. They have found this to be a challenge with the busy university students who are absorbed in their own lives, and have their own philosophies on life, but they have seen fruit. The campus has many students who are ready to hear the gospel and if approached correctly will be open to hear the word.

BCOM is partnering with a college ministry called Chi Alpha who has a vision to see student-led fellowships start all over the campus. They are seeing doors open up for the Gospel, including in several fraternities. Different types of outreach are used at the – everything from serving free hot chocolate in order to share Christ, to doing prophetic evangelism as they are led by the Holy Spirit.  People are saved, healed, and Bible studies started. They have ongoing discipleship and connect those open to the Gospel with other believers on campus.

Here is one story of many that students have to share: “Two of us asked God that He would send someone our way that needed help. A half hour later while talking to a few Muslims, a desperate and tired man came up to us hurriedly asking us if we would give him money for something to eat. His breath smelled strong of alcohol but we knew that we were to feed him and minister to him. After telling him that his heart is more important than giving him food, he began to cry and tell us how much he needed Jesus.  Then while sitting in a restaurant, we listened to him pour out his heart to Jesus, asking him to come into his life and change him completely. He cried for about an hour, not even touching his food. It was heartfelt repentance. Then on the way out of the restaurant he witnessed to the owner of the restaurant as he shared from his life. We were amazed. It’s clear that God is doing wonderful things!!”

Bethany International Ministries

Scott G. (Asia) just spent a month in the village training two new translation helpers. His wife is involved in personal evangelism, counseling and visiting villages and an orphanage.

Chris and Sabina S. (Slovenia) are working to build the church leadership team and hope to expand or relocate the church this year to accommodate the needs of the congregation. Chris and Sabina lead small groups, translate resource material, write new material, host visiting lecturers, teach seminars, run a ministry training program and lead mission trips.

Chile Update: Dan & Arlene C. and Dion & Natasha M. are all okay following the earthquake. Dion was in southern Chile when the quake hit so it took him a few days to get back to Santiago. The office of Programa Amor (missions training program) has been moved to a new building since its previous location suffered serious damage in the earthquake. The start of the new school year has been moved to March 20. All of the current students and their immediate families are okay. Things are getting “back to normal” in Santiago, but there are critical needs along the coast which was hit hard. Dion is working with others to distribute the ShelterBox (shelterbox.org), a kit which includes a tent, water filter, wood kitchen stove and the basics to provide a temporary 6-month shelter for 10 people. Regarding peoples’ response to the earthquake, Dion writes on Facebook, “Sure puts life and priorities into perspective.” Interestingly enough, following the quake the internet was operational so Facebook and Skype provided a means of communicating with our missionaries, while even cell phone service was down. Pray for our team in Chile, continuing relief efforts and for Programa Amor as the new school year starts.

Japan: The Bethany team is interested in receiving new workers for church planting. In Japan this is considered a long-term commitment as it takes time to learn the language and to build relationships. Joshua Project lists the Japanese as the second largest unreached people group with a population of 121,405,000. Japan is one location in the 10/40 window that is open to receiving Christian workers. Jon and Hiromi D. give oversight to the churches in the Osaka area. Jon is the team leader for Bethany workers and also heads up the church association in Japan. Efforts are ongoing to train Japanese leaders. Beginning in April two of the churches will be under Japanese leadership. We enjoyed visiting with Hiromi during her campus visit last week! Willy and Iko W. lead Sunday outreaches and small groups, teach English and facilitate other evangelistic ventures. Reiko S. is involved with the local church. Albert and Cecile G.work in a children’s school and church ministry.

Thailand: Jasmine and Mindee serve as Global Internship (GI) site leaders in Thailand with the current interns until August 2010. As at other GI sites, the leaders and interns serve with a variety of local ministries.

Some full names have been withheld for security reasons.

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