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Posted September 29, 2009 by Bethany International in News

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From Dan Brokke

My mom and I (and our whole family) would like to thank you for your tremendous love and support during these past days. We have received hundreds of messages of appreciation for “Pastor Brokke’s” impact in lives through his teaching, personal care and ministry, and for being a man of consistent integrity and pursuit of God. Last night we were able to view the video of the funeral that J. Swan took. It is so moving to see our many friends worshiping God and celebrating together. Dad is rejoicing in God’s presence. He is experiencing the fullness of life “in Christ” as never before.

Bethany International Ministries

Paul and Theresa returned from Europe September 24. Here is a report Theresa sent while there: “We are enjoying our time with the interns. This is a great group! We’ve completed individual debriefs with all of them and have one more morning of class. Tonight is team meeting and tomorrow night will be prayer and communion, along with a challenge and encouragement for them to finish well. The weather here is warm and dry like home. The Adriatic Sea is beautiful, blue in color and clear. The mountains are just a little ways behind the town and some of the group will go hiking in the national park on Wednesday after the meetings are finished.”

Crisis in Honduras – Please Pray

Bethany workers in Honduras emailed this last week: “If Honduras-happenings happened to make it to your news channel (apparently, Ex-President Mel Zelaya has returned to Honduras and is in the Brazilian embassy) we just wanted to let you know that we are fine, at home, 20 minutes out of the city, behind our high walls. I just heard 30 minutes ago that there is a curfew from 4:00 PM today until 7:00 AM tomorrow. I think they are just trying to get everyone in as soon as possible so no one is on the streets after dark. The country has shut off cell phone service in the past 15 minutes so I thought I should send out an email before they decide to turn the internet off, too.” Then a follow-up email the next day: “We have a wonderful medical team of 35 people here this week. They are scheduled to leave on Saturday AM. Due to the ousted, ex-president coming back into country undercover, the city is in a difficult time. They have announced a second day of curfew for tomorrow.

While medical people are being permitted to be out, we decided not to go today. It is a great disappointment for the team but they heartily worked on other projects around the mission house.”


Tim F. attended the Mission Exchange conference last week in St Louis, MO where long-time Bethany friend, George Verwer, was presented with a lifetime achievement award.

George received the award with his typical humor and self-deprecation. In the midst of his humor there was always a strong thread of passion for the world that was so evident.

When he first asked Dreena to marry him he warned her first, “If you marry me you’ll probably be eaten by cannibals in New Guinea.” They’ve been married now for 49 years.  Steve Moore, the Mission Exchange CEO, told him that’s the most creative pick-up line he’s ever heard.

At more than 70-years-old, George laments that he’s slowing down. He used to speak more than 600 times a year but so far this year has only spoken 270 times. What an amazing guy!


A lesser known part of STEM (Short-term Evangelical Missions) is the teams they take to the 10/40 Window. Earlier this year a team shared their life witness of Jesus in word and deed with Africans as they interacted with them in University English classes, English clubs, in Sahara tents, and treks through the desert. Their simple prayers were to call on the Lord to “let your kingdom come, let your will be done, here, in this land, as it is in heaven.”

In one country, God opened spontaneous opportunities to share the Lord with the people as the team was on the streets prayer walking. Many times we don’t see visible results from our prayers, but recently a prayer group, at the Spirit’s leading, walked into a girl’s school and ended up sharing the Lord over tea with the principal and several of the teachers.

Please pray as our next team is in preparation to go November 7-21.

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