Accreditation Site Visit

Posted October 19, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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Last Monday and Tuesday the ABHE accreditation site team visited Bethany and read reports, visited with the board, students, graduates, and staff, faculty, and administration personnel. Each day they would research and assess and each evening would write reports.

Our accreditation committee met with the five-member accreditation site team for their final report. The site visit team provided us with several commendations regarding the College.

The second part of the report consisted of 12 suggestions. While we are not required to act on these suggestions, it will be for the best of the College if we do respond to them.

The final part consisted of 11 recommendations. Each of these related to specific requirements of the Standards. The recommendations are areas where we will take action. We will share more on these in the weeks and months ahead.

The ABHE Accreditation Commission will review the report received from the site team and then send a letter to us outlining the recommendations and providing further detail. Overall we are pleased with what we learned from the accreditation site visit.


Last Thursday about a dozen students, interns and staff members met to discuss the global challenge of unreached people. Earlier in the day, a ministry intern asked about next steps to form a team to go to the hard places. Later a group of students commented that they are looking at the same thing. God is stirring. Here are four steps we all can do:

  1. Ask God to download His heart to you in a new way
  2. Research and learn all you can about what He is doing and where there is need
  3. Prepare and discover ways that you can serve
  4. Join or form a team to meet that need

Let’s Pray

The staff at STEM Ministries appreciates your prayer and support as this is a special season of team recruiting. They hope to send out 40 or more teams made up of 600 or more individuals in the coming year.

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