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Posted March 23, 2010 by Bethany International in News

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Lowell & Sheri G. work on a team with the vision to raise up 15 teams from local churches to impact 50 communities in the state of Zacatecas, one of the least evangelized areas of Mexico. Currently they are reaching into 15 villages. Their daughters join in ministry, teaching children’s VBS, giving puppet shows and helping with other practical needs.

Kerry & Jan O. serve as missions pastors at a large church and are involved in missionary training and sending. Kerry and Jan provide oversight and pastoral care to these missionaries and have opportunity to visit them on the field. Jan is involved in women’s ministry and teaching English. Kerry also oversees Bible school and missions training programs in Mexico as well as the development of schools in other areas of South America. He is the Bethany Area Coordinator for Mexico and the Caribbean area.

Luis & Cathy C. have seen their children become valuable members of their team in Honduras. The kids go along on outreach every chance they get! They help fit eyeglasses, assist with construction, teach children and help in any other areas needed! Luis coordinates short-term teams and Cathy serves as Spiritual Life Coordinator at a children’s school.

Congratulations Binder Gold Team!

The Bethany Press‘ binder Gold Team shattered a record by binding 1643 more books in one day than have ever bound before on Friday March 12, 2010. The team produced 132,255 books in one 12-hour shift. The maximum speed of the binder is 12,000 books/hr and this team averaged 11,756 books/hr. We continue to be amazed at the great teamwork and hard working crew at BPI.


STEM is thankful for prayers for their marathon teams to Haiti these past three weeks. John & Kathie P. (STEM – Bemidji) led a team of 25 mostly from Oak Hills Christian College and had a phenomenal time. The team loved working with BCOM alumna, Katia and her husband Miguel. We’ll have more to report later, but for now, STEM teams have done medical clinics, children’s programs, and lots of hard work like moving rubble – tons of it (literally), leveling a road, and digging footers for a wall around a mission guesthouse. In addition, they prayer-walked, listened to people’s stories, gave tons of hugs (figuratively) and prayed for people one on one.

They have three more teams scheduled for Haiti this summer, but would like to get at least another six or more booked yet this year. Please pray that God will connect them with the right churches, groups, and individuals who will make up these teams.

STEM will be host a national Short-Term Mission Leaders Conference (STMLC). People will attend from around the world and hear wonderful speakers and presenters. Knowing that the short-term mission movement is so widespread, STEM’s passion is to help churches, colleges, and agencies do mission trips with God-centered excellence.

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