Change in Climate

Posted July 19, 2010 by Bethany International in News

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Last week in chapel, Bethany workers Lowell (Mexico) and Geoff (Asia) shared of how they have seen a new openness to the Gospel. Where just a couple of years ago it seemed people couldn’t or wouldn’t hear the Gospel, there is now increased interest, openness, and response to Jesus. The spiritual climate has changed. The light of the Gospel is penetrating the darkness. I have referred a number of times to the moment at the cross when revelation of who Jesus truly was (“a righteous man”) broke into the understanding of one of the centurions attending to the crucifixion. Light broke into the darkness.

Why is this? First of all Jesus disarmed and stripped bare the powers of darkness at the Cross. Today, we move in that same power in a few ways: 1) The physical presence of committed followers of Jesus in a region who proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel will chip away and break through to people’s hearts, and 2) When God’s people pray persistently together in agreement and authority the powers of darkness will give way. The Gospel and the cross of Christ have power, but, God is looking for us to join Him by praying and going. This is not a “solo” thing; it is a “body” thing. We together must join together (be the body in agreement) binding and loosing in the authority Christ has given us. Our worship recognizes and declares the supremacy of Christ and the powers of darkness are bound so the light of the gospel will be loosed in the hearts of men here on earth – in Asia and central Mexico and beyond.

Our mission commitment then has another dimension – to change the spiritual climate of regions all over the world. God has directed us to fill the GAP (Global Access Partnerships) and see the church go to where it does not now exist. It takes united prayer of binding and loosing; it takes committed people physically on the ground, and it takes the raising up of new workers into these fields of harvest. I believe God will give greater revelation and pour out new anointing as we do this together at Bethany in Bloomington and in partnership with our missionaries and partners around the world.

Dan Brokke

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