Commission 2011:

Posted April 5, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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Over 150 people have registered for this event with Loren Cunningham on Saturday, April 16. We trust the Lord for hundreds of people to attend and grow in their commitment to be a Kingdom-minded impact player. The heart of our prayer for this is that God draw people to Himself, that they would be awakened to what He is doing in missions today, and that they would respond to His call to “Go” to the nations. We appreciate so very much your prayers to the Lord of the harvest “to send out workers into the harvest fields.” There are many distractions that deter people from going. Each year nearly 200,000 people make inquiry about serving long-term in missions with North American mission agencies. Sadly, statistics show that only 1000 actually go. Our prayers matter both for the release of vision and calling and for the Word and Fear of the Lord to deeply “grab” the hearts, affections and wills of people!

In the College

The freshmen are finishing a two-week course on the Book of Acts. The sophomores ended two weeks on the Book of Romans and this week continue a Leadership Course.

Two alumni of BCOM traveled to Japan last week. The first one initially planned to stay just a few days but extended his stay to travel to Iwate prefecture which was hit hard by the earthquake/tsunami. This alum and his brother-in-law drove a van packed with relief supplies and food into Iwate. After arriving at their destination they discovered that they were the first people to bring any aid to that particular group of people since the earthquake. People were touched and there were many tears. The alum has worked to establish a base camp and pipeline for others wanting to help. The other alum mentioned, who is Japanese, is translating for relief workers in Japan.

Bethany Ministries

Chris and Sabina S. (Slovenia) are visiting New Zealand through mid-April. They continue to train leaders, translate material, write articles, and teach in Bible schools. They also focus on establishing small groups in the church. After five years of serving with the Ljubljana church, they now have a Slovene colleague serving an internship with the church. The Scobies write, “There is an urgent need for more pastors here with about seven churches without full-time pastors, there is the challenge to find workers and an equally or bigger challenge to pay them.” The Ljubljana church currently gives some support each month to a pastor in Macedonia. With the migration of people from neighboring countries there are now an estimated 40,000 Muslims in Ljubljana, which changes dynamics in the city but also presents ministry opportunities. Pray for the ministry in Ljubljana and for Chris and Sabina as they work with others to build leadership, disciple others and reach into the community.

Nate and Ali U. (Wales): Recently Nate attended a Youth Leadership Forum in Macedonia. It was an opportunity for these young leaders from Macedonia and the Balkans to hear testimony from other leaders and hear about Jesus and His teachings. Nate, along with a friend, will be visiting Liberia, April 8-15, to help train teachers and take supplies for a children’s school opening in Monrovia. They have raised funds to provide tables, chairs and other necessary equipment for the school. Pray for Nate and his friend as they travel and assist for a week at the school. Pray also for Ali and the kids as they remain home.


I have just spent two weeks in Senegal to help a diverse group (from several missions and churches) who have joined forces around the vision to train Africans as missionaries to go to an unreached part of Africa for Christ. It was a privilege to be with them. We made excellent progress toward designing a school that will fit their unique setting and challenges. They have property and already most of the buildings they will need. Their biggest need is for a God-called Director for the school and a few other key staff positions. They need our prayers.”  – Paul S.

Short-Term Evangelical Missions

A STEM team took part in a prayer effort saturating an Asian country with on-site prayer. The team traveled to 30 unreached villages—prayer walking, worshipping, and interceding every step of the way. The team was invited into homes and had opportunities to pray for the sick and pray blessings on families in Jesus’ name.

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