Conference in Nigeria

Posted September 19, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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This past week the MANI Conference was held in Abuja, Nigeria. About 700 African and international leaders met  to address and plan responses to significant needs and opportunities that present themselves. One presenter defined so clearly what an opportunity is: a great need to which there is great resource that can be connected. NEED, RESOURCE, and CONNECTION.  The simplicity of this finds its fulfillment and impact when God is in the midst moving in power.

He then went on to show that the evangelical church on the African continent is the largest in the world. What an untapped resource.  We could not miss that God has positioned Bethany in a favored position to serve what God is doing in Africa today.

Members of our Bethany family have been investing for years into relationship, consulting, teaching, mobilizing, and partnership development. But today is a unique time. The African church is embracing that this is their season to act and respond at a completely different level to their place in the Great Commission. We presented the resource of the Go100 mission training consultation resource and our online Graduate Studies programs. There was a steady stream of interest and connection in both programs. As we also shared the Graduate Studies program with our partner in Abuja, there again was great excitement and interest.

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