Courage and Perseverance in the face of persecution

Posted March 4, 2020 by Bethany International in Missions Minute

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Joshua, a missionary among the Fulani in Nigeria was murdered in 2015 by radical Islamic Fulani tribesmen aligned with Boko Hiram. Blessing, Joshua’s Nigerian widow, and her two young children continued to live in the Jakun Koma tribal village, where she and Joshua had started their first church.

Since Joshua’s death, Blessing’s school for orphans and vulnerable children from 20 nearby villages continued to grow to over 250 young children.

This past spring, radicalized Fulani tribesmen again came back to the village with the intention to destroy the school and kill anyone in their path. Thankfully, Blessing and her team were forewarned about the plans of the militants and were able to evacuate. Sadly, the school was burned and has come to a halt so the children are now helpless and homeless.

Please pray for Blessing as she is trusting God and to relocate the school to larger city an hour away and continue the work she and her husband began.

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