Posted December 10, 2010 by Bethany International in News

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Freshmen Classes Start in January

The new BCOM freshmen start orientation on January 4. On the same day the Rivendell Sanctuary Program launches on the Bethany, Minneapolis campus after several years of developing curriculum and presenting their program to parents, potential students, and a number of ministry and business leaders. They are expecting more than twenty students to arrive on campus. We anticipate that there will be more than 35-40 new students (combined).

Two Colleges Meet

The BCOM staff met with the Rivendell staff  Wednesday. Davis Norment, whose vision for a new model of education has led to the essential design of the Rivendell training program, presented the convictions, content, and methods they will use to teach their students. As he said, they are using an “apprenticeship” approach to training with the goal of preparing young people to be able to stand in the face of a US culture that has left its Christian and Biblical foundations. They want to raise up disciples of Jesus. The Rivendell program is 18-months-long. They will spend the majority of their education on campus, but will also do six weeks at an overseas location.

Housing Project Moves Forward

The senior housing project, Founders Ridge, will begin to come to reality in the next few weeks. It is scheduled to begin construction. I (Dan Brokke) spoke with Presbyterian Homes’ leadership this past week and they are expecting to close the financing before Christmas. Much work is being done by our service department to ready the site for construction. After more than four years in the works, it will be good to finally see things take shape.

New Opportunities

Today we reviewed a number of events, relationships and opportunities that are developing. In the midst of the “pressures” of the daily grind it is often difficult to lift up our heads high enough or long enough to get another perspective. What I see when I get the chance to do so, is the amazing way that God has given favor. In the past few days a partner organization has dedicated further funding to mission training in Asia, several foundations, a mega-church, and individuals in the Christian publishing world are working together to see one million Bibles printed in a specific Asian country, we are growing in relationship with a local Christian youth ministry to train leaders and do outreach in communities around the country, 33 of our sophomores and a few past AA students have committed to the Global Internship program beginning in fall of 2011, and more doors are opening up to train leaders for mission multiplication.


I loved having the chance Tuesday to interview Lowell and Sherry Glick in Mexico by Skype and learn about how teams are being raised up to reach villages with the Gospel, and then have Pat and Nedra Dugan (Brazil) join us for our Tuesday Prayer and Fasting gathering and share their vision to train Christian leaders and workers. It is so good to be able to hear from them, learn of God’s leading in their lives, and then to join in praying for and with them for greater spiritual breakthrough. At Wednesday Chapel, Gary and Sherry Hauter were with us. Gary shared how God desires to multiply us. He shared an amazing story of Sylvan, who God miraculously saved and delivered from alcohol abuse, drug use, and a sordid “side job.”  God transformed his life and now he and his wife are serving children in the roughest of neighborhoods. What a wonderful and gracious God we know and serve.

God bless you as you enjoy the gift of His Son and the celebration of His birth.


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