Engage500 – Partnering to Reach the Unreached

Posted October 7, 2015 by Tim Freeman in Bethany International

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For twenty years Bethany has been an anchor partner in a missionary training and sending alliance called GlobeServe.  Starting with 6 members in 1995 GlobeServe has grown to 280 missionary training schools with workers in 66 countries of the world. In 2014 more than 900 churches were planted and 25,000 people brought to Christ and discipled through this partnership.

We are increasingly burdened by the knowledge that there are still vast numbers of people in our world who do not have access to the Gospel.  We are serving among 269 unreached people groups around the world.  The Joshua Project identifies nearly 7,000 unengaged and unreached people groups today.  These peoples are isolated geographically, are locked behind the iron gates of totalitarian governments, and have resistant and at times militant religious systems.

In March of this year GlobeServe leaders met together in Indonesia to seek the Lord about what it means to “take the church to where it is not.”  Much discussion centered on the remaining unreached and unengaged people groups. The Great Commission, the final command of Jesus to the Church, demands that we take the Gospel to all people in all places.

As we prayed the Lord challenged us to increase GlobeServe’s reach from the 269 we’re working in today to a total of 500 within the next 5 years. That’s 231 additional unreached/unengaged people groups.  This is an audacious God-sized goal!  Human effort will not be able to achieve this.

An effort like this requires fielding trained missionaries who are willing to lay down their lives for the people they are sent to serve.  It requires churches and individuals who will pray for and financially support schools training the missionaries who will be fielded among the unreached.

God’s calling is His enabling.  We believe that God will bring the resources that are needed to fulfill this goal, which is called Engage500.  Please pray about being a part of Engage500, reaching at least 231 additional unreached peoples in the next 5 years.

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