Fall 2010 Freshmen

Posted August 31, 2010 by Bethany International in News

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This has been a “fun” week. Freshmen students on campus again remind us what a great responsibility and opportunity God has placed before us. Grayling T. gave a powerful word for students Tuesday evening regarding two mountains of God—the mountain of His Presence and the mountain of His passion. Many responded to surrender all to Jesus; one student commented that he thought he had surrendered all to Jesus, but realized that he really hadn’t.

There are tender spirits and open hearts to the Lord in the student body. I walked in during the last half of worship last Thursday as one sophomore was sharing a testimony that clearly touched the hearts of all present. Dozens of students came and knelt before the Lord to receive more of His Spirit.

– Dan Brokke, Bethany International President


Forty-seven freshmen are now on campus for the fall semester. In addition to this, 35 sophomores have returned giving us an on-campus student body of 82. Thanks to those who prayed and trusted the Lord for a great group of young people, passionate for His glory.


We have seen God answer prayer for our missionaries. During the past month, two missionaries experienced serious health issues. In both situations their health began to improve as soon as people were mobilized to pray. We appreciate your prayers for our missionaries around the world!

Brazil: This year marks the 40th anniversary of Bethany Evangelical Bible School in Brazil. More than 1100 young men and women have been trained; 600 have graduated and gone into ministry.


Praise God with us for the 11 STEM teams in Haiti this spring and summer. There are many areas of the world full of need and we’ve had fruitful ministry in some of those places this year as well, but God has given us a special burden and grace for Haiti so we’ve been happy to serve there the past six months. We have been incredibly blessed to have Katia (BCOM 2004) and Miguel U. staying in Haiti all summer and leading each of the teams. They have not looked on any group as “just another team.” Rather, each one has been special and God has worked through the teams to bring about healing and restoration to the people of Haiti.

We will most likely have one or two more Haiti teams go out yet this year so we continue to seek your prayer support. Also if you know anyone who wants to serve in Haiti, please check with us as soon as possible. It’s not too late to join a team!

As mentioned previously, this is STEM’s 25th year of serving the Lord and the Body of Christ by enabling short-term mission teams. We plan to have a special celebration held here on campus on Friday, Sept 24. In the spirit of celebration and rejoicing in all God has done through these years, we are not making a specific charge or even setting it up as a fund-raiser. We will, however, receive a free-will offering to cover food costs and other expense. Invitations are going out to STEM alumni and friends. If you are interested in attending, contact Ryan at 952-996-1385.

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