Filling the Gaps in the Kingdom Through Gateway Access Platforms

Posted October 12, 2015 by Dan Germo in Missions

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Nearly 2,000 years have passed since Jesus said, “Go, therefore, and make disciples…”  Over 200 years have passed since William Carey said, “Attempt great things for God; Expect great things from God” and set sail for India igniting the modern missionary movement. Significant progress has been made since that time in the reaching of all peoples… yet, the task is still far from complete. While the Church does exist in most parts of the world, there are whole tribes and people groups without access to the Gospel. That is a reality!

old-stairwayRecently in an African port city I walked the stairways on which the first missionaries climbed when they arrived in that region over 150 years ago. Likely the next generation of missionaries entered on those very steps. Yet, that particular community currently has no permanent witness for Christ in its midst. Significant gaps like this exist the world over! We must not be idle… we must not shirk our God-given responsibility… we must engage the unreached peoples for the sake of their eternity.

For 15 years my family and I lived in Africa working inside an African mission initiative. We helped the Church in that region to reach the tribes without a church. Through partnership, we provided training and empowerment for them to send their own missionaries who would enter the gaps where the Church was not in order to bring life to otherwise lifeless places.

Over the years our team of Bethany missionaries also grew, eventually spreading to four very different regions of the country. However, we all had one purpose… To Take the Church to Where It Is Not. This was evident in spite of the diversity seen in the types of ministries with which we were involved. Some of the team worked directly with the unreached; others directly with the national church helping them to reach the unreached. Regardless, we all collaborated intentionally to ensure we could create the necessary synergy between our different efforts.

These gaps in the Kingdom exist the world over, and we are committed to playing our part to fill them. We are establishing what we call Gateway Access Platforms throughout the world focused on Taking the Church to Where It is Not… and helping others to do the same.


While every platform will be unique to its context, all will carry certain commonalities. They each will give us access to those gaps in the Kingdom… will operate with a clear unity of vision… will facilitate a diversity of ministries… will create synergy through intentional collaboration. By deploying our resources and personnel through these platforms, they will be effectively thrust into the gaps where the Kingdom does not exist. Where the Church is found, they will partner with them so that we may each play our parts effectively in reaching into those gaps with the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. 

We are entering a new era of continued obedience to Christ’s commission to make disciples of all nations, and we invite you to join us on this journey close the gaps in the Kingdom.

This article originally appeared in coMISSION Magazine – Issue 1. You can get a free copy of the magazine by click here.

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