Go100 in Africa

Posted May 9, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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Paul S., Go100 consultant:

“The ENSEMBLE group has a vision to train and send African missionaries to unreached tribes in North Africa and the Sahel. Made up of mostly African mission leaders and a few missionaries, Ensemble invited GO100 to meet them in Senegal in March. They heard of us from schools in Tanzania and Burundi we had helped three years ago.

The name Ensemble reflects that these leaders come from a variety of denominations and countries, but have pledged to work together in harmony as an ensemble. The venue they chose for our seminar was a small mission center in the bush of Senegal. It had few modern conveniences. They said it would be valuable that we who designed the school experience the life-style the students will face while in training. I loved it, but was there only seven days. It was hot and dusty, so we met outside all day in the shade, which was cooler than meeting indoors.
We ate two meals a day from a common dish which is normal West African tradition [six or seven of us sat in a circle around a large flat dish that was completely covered with rice about an inch deep on which was a tasty sauce and local vegetables, sometimes with fish or chicken scattered on top]. We were each given a spoon, prayer was offered and we ate-great food and great conversation! You know the idiom, “When in Rome…”

This first Ensemble school is scheduled to open on that site in the Fall of 2012. Much preparation remains to be done. They are praying for godly Africans to fill several key staff positions. Yes, it will be a national and western partnership, but the goal is to be African in every way: the planning, scheduling, activities, leadership and ownership. So throughout the 20-plus hours of design seminar I led, the western missionaries stayed in the background. I will be meeting with them in Senegal again, perhaps twice, before the school opens. Ensemble also believes God has spoken to them to open two or three more schools in other African nations in the next five years. I say, “Go for it!”

Pray for ENSEMBLE and all the missionary training schools GO100 has had the glorious privilege of designing and launching in the last thirteen years. It is our vision and prayer that missionary training schools will continue to multiply sending thousands of national missionaries throughout the world until all, that is, 100% of the remaining unreached people groups are truly engaged with the gospel of Jesus.”

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