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Posted July 27, 2009 by Bethany International in News

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Missionaries on Furlough

It is always a joy to have our missionaries on campus with us to catch up with them personally and find out what God is doing through them and how He is leading. Fourteen of them attended a two-week seminar presented by our BIM staff.

As well, the missionaries shared about their experiences in chapel. Their stories speak to God’s calling in our students as well. It brings the world to them in a personal way, not as a far-off possibility.

A Story From Students Representing BCOM

“Several people, including myself, promoted Bethany College of Missions at Sonshine Fest in Willmar, MN. I felt the Lord heavily speaking to me, “Rachele you are here to bring my Kingdom, not to promote BCOM.”  We are to bring the Lord’s Kingdom wherever we are… sometimes I forget this. He was really stirring in me.  I went to the other two girls and began to tell them what the Lord was speaking. One person mentioned the scripture in Hebrews 6 that says, ‘Therefore, let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lead to death, and of faith in God, instruction about baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead and the eternal judgment.’  They classify raising people from the dead as elementary teachings??!! That is CrAzY!!  We also talked about the verse, “The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us.”  That is crazy to think about.

I went back to my tent and left the girls and the promotion booth. I told the Lord that I would step out and lay hands on people and pray for them, if that is what He wanted. But I needed Him to back me up otherwise I have nothing to work with. As I waited on Him, I still felt like He was saying He wanted to break in at Sonshine. I also felt we needed to bring a Kingdom perspective – but how??

I went back to our booth and a few more students were there. I told them what the Lord had been stirring in our hearts. One got excited and said he was going to make signs. He made one that said, “NEED PRAYER?” and another that said, “NEED HEALING?”  We prayed and asked the Lord to bring only who He wanted. From the time we began until four hours later, people kept coming. We began laying hands on people and praying for their requests. At one point, one of the girls asked a guy if we could ask the Lord for a word or prophecy for him. In my head I was thinking, “Do not sign me up to prophesy.”  But the Lord quickly reminded me that He is the Shepherd and I can hear His voice. From that time on we prayed for people, but we also listened to see if the Lord wanted to speak to us about the people. This is how the Lord allowed us to bring a Kingdom perspective. We began calling them forth into who the Lord created them to be. We spoke truth over them and prophesied. People began to come up for healing and they were being healed! The first time we prayed we would ask how they felt and they said better so we prayed again until they were healed! I am not sure why the Lord waited 2-3 times but He did.

People were running to get their friends and brought them back for the Lord to heal them. It was beautiful. One guy said that He wished he knew what he was doing. He wished he could do what we were doing. I told him we didn’t know what we were doing either. I told him the process of the Lord speaking this morning. I asked him if he felt weak and then told him to jump on board. He was able to lay hands on people with us and see the Lord heal.  It is amazing how the Lord delights in our weakness—how in our weakness He just asks for obedience. Simply beautiful!

Alumni Picnic

475 people attended the Alumni Picnic held last Saturday. Even though it was a bit cold outside, everyone seemed to enjoy visiting with friends and the activities that were offered. Picnic pictures can be viewed at this link. 

Bethany Center for Global Studies

The online Master of Arts and Certificate programs begin August 10. Participating students represent Bethany International Ministries, Bethany Press, STEM, Operation Mobilization, and One Step International. Having students from several ministry agencies will provide an exciting opportunity to learn from one-another. Bethany administration is also in discussions with the leaders of other ministry agencies that are very interested in developing the possibilities related to BCGS programs. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s purposes to be advanced through Global Studies.

STEM Update

Five teams are out, stretching the Short-Term Evangelical Missions staff to their limits. Please pray for God’s Kingdom to advance in every direction!

  • Two teams, very diverse geographically and ethnically, will be ministering together in the Dominican Republic. Pray for unity and much fruit that will remain.
  • A team of nine will be touring, praying, and helping other Christian workers in Turkey.
  • A large youth team is doing restoration work in New Orleans. Pray for rebuilding of lives during their outreach.
  • A youth team is ministering in Monterrey, Mexico, partnering with YWAM.
  • A team is in Tepatitlan, Mexico (near Guadalajara) and out into surrounding towns, including a little-reached indigenous people group.

There is a team going to the Mediterranean Coast in November. If you are interested in becoming a member of this team, applications are needed by August 2. You can find out more here.

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