Posted March 22, 2012 by Bethany International in News

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In 2002 a 10-year goal was embraced to establish 100 mission training schools  to prepare workers to plant churches among unreached peoples by 2012. This “GO100″goal was surpassed in 2008. Then the Field5000 goal was set to send 5000 workers in the next five years (2013). Last May, during the GlobeServe Triennial Conference held here at Bethany, we celebrated the amazing outcome of more than 8000 workers sent from what has now become nearly 500 mission training schools.

Some of these schools are four-year degree programs, others are contextualized informal schools where students come a week a month over a couple years period of time, others are “dry season” schools when farms are not needing to be tended, and others are church based schools which train every member of the church to be about evangelism and reaching neighboring tribes.

The GlobeServe Executive Committee and the Mission Training Consultants met this month in Kenya and came from Singapore, Kenya, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico and Nigeria. During their four days together they discussed ways to continue expanding schools and improving the quality and effectiveness of training. Tim F. serves as the International Coordinator for GlobeServe. At the close of our meetings the members expressed great appreciation for all that Tim and Bethany do to serve and support the executive leadership, the HUB regions, and the hundreds of schools in more than 40 countries who are reaching out to more than 100 different people groups.

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