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Posted July 21, 2009 by Bethany International in News

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Ongoing Training for our Field Workers

The Home Assignment Seminar (July 13-24) has 14 adults and 13 missionary kids in attendance. The BCOM senior class is helping BIM staff with seminar logistics and MK activities. Pray that the seminar will be a blessing to the missionaries and their families. Pray also for Milta, Linda and Amy as they carry major responsibilities in coordinating the seminar.

More Teams Go Out

Please continue praying for our teams. Last Saturday night, while a STEM team slept in a New Orleans church, someone broke into a 2nd story window across the hall by pushing in a window air conditioner. They stole electronic equipment but did not harm or threaten the team in any way. We know prayers covered us because God used this group of young teens to bring hope to many in the Gulf Coast region!

If you’ve followed recent news you know Honduras has been going through some political upheaval lately, prompting a US Department of State warning against people traveling there. Our team scheduled for July 17-24 to Honduras spent three days fasting and praying last week, seeking God’s direction, and decided to continue on schedule. Please pray for the team and two STEM leaders who will be accompanying the group, for health, for protection against all attack, and for the power of God to work through them in boldness to counter the current spirit of fear in the country.

During the coming week STEM will have four teams out, ministering in Biloxi, MS, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Urban Minneapolis.

Pray for people who have received the claims of Christ by our teams – that seed will fall on good ground and produce much fruit that will remain.

Pray for team members who have now returned home, that as their lives have been impacted, they will continue on in total commitment to Christ and in a lifestyle of obedience to the Great Commission.

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