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From Go100 associate, Jamie S. (BCOM ’96), pictured above (middle): “I had a great time co-leading a STEM team to San Pedro Sula, Honduras July 23 – August 4. It has been 11 years since I last visited the land of my birth.

This trip was fun because whenever a Honduran found out that I was born in Honduras they immediately called me “Catracho,” which is the equivalent of calling someone from the States a “Yank.” So I knew I was accepted as one of them.

There are a lot of great things that I could say about the youth team that we led from Valley Community Baptist Church in Avon, CT. These young people really loved the Lord and jumped right in to the ministry that they had prepared well for. One of the most telling things about them was that I did not hear one of them complain about anything the entire time! That certainly must be a work of God.
Our Field Facilitators from Honduras were Denis and Leslie Z. They have been trained for cross-cultural missions-Denis studied at a missionary training school right in Honduras. Yet the Honduran Church, as a whole, has not caught the vision and the burden for sending Hondurans cross-culturally as missionaries. The number of evangelical believers in the country is at about 1.4 million out of a country population of about seven and a quarter million. So, the Church is strong, but needs to be mobilized to take the good news of the Kingdom to the nations.

Denis and Leslie are faithful to establish churches in Honduras even though the Church has not been sufficiently mobilized to support and send them overseas. I challenged Leslie to be the answer to that need and bring together those who have a heart for missions and begin to mobilize the Church. She’s a gifted networker and has the skills to bring people together around a common vision. It was great to be able to share with her some of the mobilization stories from our GO100 partners in Kenya and Ethiopia and what the Lord has done through those churches to send missionaries from among their own people.

May the Lord mobilize the Honduran Church to disciple the nations!”


Since the end of May we’ve sought prayer for teams to Haiti so thought we’d give you a small snapshot of what STEM teams have been and are doing there this summer. Here is an excerpt from a recent letter:

“…we worked at a tent city outside the city. We loaded into the “tap-tap” (bus-like van) and enjoyed the breeze of our bumpy ride to a tent city where we would assist in building a church and school. God has done amazing things in that community also. Just a few months ago the leaders of the camp were completely opposed to the idea of a church and to our work there, but after many days of visiting, praying and meeting with the people, having activities and games for the children, they agreed to it. Now it’s amazing to see how they come by each day to check on us, and even ask if we had lunch, willing to offer some of their rice. God has been working constantly and many people have accepted Christ, they are ready for the church to be finished! Every day we arrive, many children crowd the van to greet us. The days that we spend with the people are filled with smiles and laughter. Our days consisted of piggy-back rides, arts and crafts, games, songs, construction, and fellowship. All around there are so many relationships being formed and that this is exactly what God intended. A few members got to hear stories of lost loved ones from the earthquake and after. Stories like that break our hearts but we know that God sent us here so that we may help start the healing process in their lives. God’s love shined through us and them as we joined together in fellowship. Parents beamed with joy as they watched their children play and scream with laughter. God is doing great things in that tent city outside Cabaret, and we are all truly blessed to witness it.”

Please continue to pray for fruitful ministry for our last two summer teams that end Aug 30.

Praise God we have scheduled one more team to Haiti for October, but we’d like to have even more.

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