Honoring Staff Residents

Posted December 16, 2009 by Bethany International in News

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Once again we had the privilege in our Wednesday Chapel to recognized and honor a couple of our Founding Generation of staff retirees—Henry Krell and Bill Flack. Both served on the Bethany Fellowship staff for many years. They were behind the scenes, get-things-fixed kind of guys. And, still today they are serving, bringing their gifts and passion to Bethany.

Henry Krell – 85

Henry grew up on the prairies of Western Canada. He received Jesus Christ as his savior and spent two years with the worldwide Evangelism Crusade in Canada. It was at Bethany that Henry and Ruth met and were married in 1954. They had four children.Henry was in charge of plumbing and heating. After he retired from his “day job” at Bethany International, he began working at BPI and today continues with a ministry of care and prayer for the employees. Henry is pictured waving as he lifts off in a hot air balloon.

Bill Flack – 70

Bill came to BCOM in 1965 and married Annie in 1968. They have two children. Bill worked as a truck driver hauling Bethany campers. He spent many years as a mechanic in the services department. After retirement, Bill spent several years doing one of his favorite things — driving truck again. Today, he is often keeping some piece of equipment working. He’s pictured here on a John Deere tractor he recently fixed up for resale.

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