Interns Receive their Associates Degrees

Posted June 14, 2010 by Bethany International in News

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Last week three interns who studied in Manila arrived back on campus and this week they graduated from BCOM. While in the Philippines, they were able to work with children and their families who where displaced by floods that hit Manila a few months ago. About 3 million people in the Manila area are living in slum-like conditions.

Answer to Prayer

On Tuesday, June 8, the Presbyterian Homes Board voted to purchase 10.85 acres of land located on the east side of our Bloomington campus for a senior housing complex. Hopes are to begin construction at least by next spring (’11).

Board Meeting on June 13-15

Our Bethany Board convened last night and will meet through Wednesday. This is one of three meetings held each year. Today they will be joined by some of our staff and Global Interns to work in committees. They appreciate your prayer covering as they meet.

Bethany Farmhouse

The Bethany farmhouse was demolished last Wednesday morning. You can view photos of the demolition here.


STEM has a large team in Haiti this week made up of listeners to QFM, a Christian radio station in northern MN. This team has gathered a lot of relief materials to carry with them into Haiti such as computers, monitors, bags of shoes, and much more. Please pray for their safety in travel and that the Lord will keep them in good health so they can be effective in ministry this week: Jun 12-19.

Report sent in by STEM Team Leaders, Katia & Miguel Ulloa:

We’re back in Haiti. We are thankful to God for how society here is going back to normal. There are many children attending school even though a lot of schools are tents.

Last week we had a team of 12 from St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Minnesota. It was a blessed week for all! The first day we went to a church service in Pettit Gouave. The next day we worked across the street from the guest house, preparing a house to be a Free Medical Clinic for the community. We painted, cleared gravel and weeds, helped with carpentry and mixed cement for the floor. It was good to be able to help in a project that will bring so much hope! The plan is to open the Clinic this weekend, providing medical service and free medicine. There’s also a place for medical teams to stay.

For two days we had a medical clinic where more than 160 people received medical help, medicine and prayer. As well, we were able to share the Gospel with the children of the community. The first day of the clinic we had a little patient who impacted us all. It was a tiny two year-old who came in carried by his mother. The mother said the child had been sleeping a lot and wasn’t able to eat or drink anything. Some tried to give him Pedialyte, but for a while it seemed impossible because he was unconscious and wouldn’t respond even when his mother was shaking him to wake. We were heartbroken and at a moment the doctor even thought he was already dead. We took a time to pray for him with his mother. Then we kept trying to wake him and have him drink. In less than ten minutes, there was a miracle before us. The little boy was running around and playing with everyone in the waiting area, running and jumping all over the place! We cannot stop thanking God for his kindness.

The next day we went with the team to another community, where we had a medical clinic for about 95 people. We shared with the children through games, songs and stories. A small group was able to prayer walk and were received in six homes. Another small group was working at the Community Center for Integrity Development checking the computer center and the needs after the earthquake damage. The next team will be able to work in that as well.

We spent a second day in the community helping with the construction of 52 wooden chairs for a kindergarten. This school is part of the church’s ministry and they plan to open next week, where 100 children will be able to receive free education and meals.The last night it was a very special time of fellowship with the guest house staff. We shared Communion together and thankfulness to the Lord for the way He’s been working among us.

We know that God is helping each one of us to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit, allowing others to see it through our lives. We pray that God will continue to work in us as we continue to prepare for the next team, arriving this Saturday. We appreciate your prayer and support!

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