Making Disciples That Make Disciples

Posted March 3, 2020 by Bethany International in Missions Minute

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Welcome to the Missions Minute Story of making disciples who make disciples.

Jesus commanded us to “Make disciples of all nations.”

From northeast India Rhakho has traversed dense forests to remote tribal peoples. On one trek he came to a clearing where he faced a naked tribal man holding a spear. He soon discovered he was a head hunter and a witch doctor. He also discovered this man had no peace of mind – full of fears from evil spirits. After multiple visits, he became a follower of Jesus – his fear was gone and in its place was great joy. He now pastors a church.

Another disciple was a dangerous rebel army commander. Wanted by the Indian army, God softened his heart and he surrendered to Jesus. Today, he’s filled with joy and accompanies Rhakho to bring the Gospel to other unreached places.

Rhakho is a disciple who makes disciples. He has planted over 200 churches among 34 people groups.

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