Posted April 12, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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Dr. Jim Raymo, a local college professor and former BCOM faculty member, gave a presentation and led discussion at Bethany regarding this “Millennial Generation.” Here are some of the thoughts and observations he shared:

This generation is holistic, generous, interested in meeting needs, connected through technology, team-oriented (while being independent), visionary, and want to make a difference. They have acute “baloney detectors.” They want
authenticity and are not put off by the “warts” and struggles of an individual or an organization. They respond to leaders and people who speak from the heart in honesty and vulnerability.

This is the generation that we seek to mobilize. We need God’s heart and His
vision and belief in them. They are being “called” and stirred to make a
difference in their generation. Today is our chance to serve and make
room for them to grow, mature, make mistakes, and stand on our shoulders. If we err…let it be with generosity and grace. If we “respect” and love them, God will use us to launch them into His calling and lives of fruitfulness.

Commission 2011

Taking the Church to Where it is Not.

Over 200 people have registered for the workshops being held the afternoon of Saturday, April 16 following the Leader’s Call short term leadership conference. There is also special  interest in our keynote speaker, Loren Cunningham, who will share with us in the evening. It is not too late to register for this event. Thanks for joining us in prayer for this very important conference.

Short-Term Mission Teams

STEM continues to book mission trips. Might your church or youth group need help with coordinating a trip overseas? You can contact the STEM office for assistance.

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