Why Missions Still Matter & 11 Countries That Need Your Help Today

Posted September 21, 2015 by Bethany International in Missions

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This is a time of change in our culture. More and more people are leaving church dissatisfied, knowing that there is something more to being a Christian than what they are being shown. There is a deepening need to make positive change in the lives of people around us. Life is short; making good use of the time we have been given is a theme to which we can all relate.

The reality is that the word ‘missions’ probably means something different to each person. Some have positive views, others have negative ones. Can we make it simple again?

We can, by simply choosing to live and work and do ministry in places where people have yet to see the kindness and mercy that only comes from God’s love.

What we know deep down is that it is incredibly difficult to live real life with the people around us. It’s also the only answer, to let Jesus be Himself in us. Choosing to live day-to-day in an unfamiliar place because that is where the need is, that is demonstrating what His love is like. We desire to let His light make us transparent, so people can find out they are not alone and that there is hope.

We need you to have the chance to join the hands of Jesus with the hands of men, women and children all over the world that are waiting for His hope to enter their lives. If you know what it feels like to struggle with your faith, to have questions, to wrestle through doubt, you may be more qualified than you think. Don’t discount yourself. As you hang onto Jesus, reach down and pull someone else out of the water; He is strong enough to hold the whole world in His hands.

We want to start a conversation about what it means to spread the Kingdom of God in 2015. If you have questions, if you have ideas or if you just want to talk through this topic, feel free to contact us. Starting to talk with your church and friends can also spread awareness of the need and help others clarify questions of their own.

How can you get involved? Below are some opportunities. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please let us know, these are just a few possibilities of what you could be part of around the world.

Current Opportunities Abroad:

Mexico:  Network with national Churches, Construction, Children’s ministry outreach, Web Design, Evangelism, Short-term team coordination

Brazil:  Teaching at Bible School, Evangelism, ESL (English as a Second Language) Teaching

France:  Church planting, Evangelism, Discipleship, Anti-Human Trafficking efforts

Slovenia:  Web Design/Development, Worship, Leadership Training, Publishing, Youth Work, Children’s Ministry, Retiree Ministry

Caucus Region:  Language Development, Leadership Development, Discipleship

Ghana:  Web Design, English and Math Teachers, Children’s ministry outreach in a Muslim area, Church Planting, Pastoral and Discipleship Training, Seminary Teaching, Farm Operations, Construction, Medical Missions

Kenya: Networking, Farm Projects, Medical Missions, feeding program, Publish4All opportunities

Japan: Missionary and Pastoral Training, 7 year cycle church plant model, at least 2 year commitment to teaching English

China: Business Internship

Thailand: Street Children, Anti-Human Trafficking, Ministry-focused business, Social Justice, Education for the poor, Discipleship, University Outreach, Life skills training for new moms

Indonesia: Business as Missions, Church planting, Empowering National Churches, Empowering the marginalized.

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