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Posted February 21, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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Bethany International Ministries

We have 14 people in pre-field preparation. Eleven of them plan to depart for the field in 2011. These missionaries will serve in six countries where they will minister to university students; rescue victims of human trafficking, serve as Global Internship leaders; learn and apply midwifery skills; assist in village medical outreach; and reach out to secular, Buddhist and Muslim neighbors.

BIM’s vision is “To take the Church of Jesus Christ from where it is to where it is not.” Our mission is carried out as we send workers to plant the church among least-reached peoples and mobilize the national church to do the same. Pray for the recruitment and mobilization of more missionaries to join in this task! With 12 new missionaries already fielded in the past two years, we have made progress on BIM’s goal to send 50 missionaries by 2014. Many of these missionaries are “intermediate”-initially serving between two months to two years, but many of them are also exploring a long-term fit in field ministry.

Short-Term Evangelical Missions (STEM)

Praise God for answered prayers for the STEM team in the Gulf Coast last week! God used the team to help in four homes and one church to overcome the destruction of Katrina and other hurricanes. They also found themselves being stretched and challenged with many opportunities to pray for people they worked alongside.

Please keep the team of 14 people from Halifax, Nova Scotia in your prayers as they minister in Honduras in the coming week. They expect to have a lot of interaction with children as they work with small, start-up, struggling churches.

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