Posted April 1, 2010 by Bethany International in News

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Paradox is a college visit day for prospective students and their parents that will be held April 15-16. All are welcome!  If your church would be open advertising Paradox to its youth, please contact us. A big thanks to those who have already given a promo packet to their church!


A team from Oak Hills Christian College went to Haiti March 6-13. They served with the Christian Center for Community Development, a group of 10 Haitian Baptist churches committed to transformation in Haiti through local churches. The team served mainly in Port au Prince, in clean-up efforts, holding Vacation Bible School, setting up a Medical clinic, and worshipping with National believers. The National believers were inspired that people from so far away care so much.

The team also attended a church service held in the street in front of a church building that is still standing and in good condition. This is common practice all over Haiti where there is still fear of more aftershocks and buildings collapsing.  Most people whose homes were not damaged still sleep in tents because of this fear. The team prayed with many people in their homes or yards to be released from this fear. They also prayed for several pastors who requested prayer as they present the hope of Jesus to the many now open to turn from the darkness and captivity of Voodoo to Jesus. This is a new day for Haiti! Please continue to pray for openness to the truth of the Gospel.

Here is a link to a nice five minute slideshow!   “Greater things are still to be done in Haiti.”

STEM’s goal is to send 12 teams to Haiti this year. A team of 20 members are preparing for another STEM Restoration Team to Haiti June 12-19. This team is made up of listeners to Christian radio station QFM ( reaching NW MN and Eastern ND.

We at Bethany trust that Easter is filled with revelation of how great God’s love is for you. As it says in Ephesians 3:19, “that you would know this love that surpasses knowledge” – you would experience His love in tangible ways.

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