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Posted May 17, 2010 by Bethany International in News

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I am writing while traveling on a train from the Tokyo 2010 Conference to the Narita Airport. The past two days have been very beneficial here in Tokyo with a number of great contacts and interest in BCOM training, Go100 mission training model, and looking at potential opportunities to pioneer ministry to unreached people groups. Our Paul S. and John K. led a mission training workshop. I met with other global mission leaders. Tokyo 2010 was modeled after a missions conference held in Edinburgh Scotland in 1910. This was in the heart of what became the Student Volunteer Movement when thousands of young college students went overseas from England and the US to unevangelized regions of the world. This was a catalyst for much of mission advance in the first half of the 20th century. Today, we believe God for a new mobilizing of students to see the Gospel go to “the least, the lost, and the last” of the nations—people everywhere.

A key theme of Tokyo 2010 was discipling a new generation—not just seeing evangelism, but seeing leadership in the church and in mission raised up to finish the task. That is part of our mandate. It is why we train through BCOM, and it is why we send out workers – to make disciples.

So when I get off the train at the Narita Airport I will be going to Seoul, South Korea. There I meet our Tim F. and Makito F. We will meet with several seminary and church leaders, and a leader within Frontiers-Korea to discuss mission training and preparation. Korea now has 20,000 missionaries serving cross-culturally. There is still a great need for better intercultural preparation. As well, we meet with leaders of a large Montessori Christian school interested in having teachers trained to begin mission Montessori schools – they have a vision to see 100 schools each with 100 children in 100 cities around the world. These Montessori schools open up the door for evangelism into families—a tremendous mission vision. We are exploring how we might serve this effort.

Thanks for your prayers.

Dan Brokke


Currently 43 new students are accepted at Bethany College of Missions for the fall. In addition to this another 68 applications are in process. Our goal is to see 60 new freshmen attend Bethany in August.

Bethany Center for Global Studies has 22 students in the program. This past term 12 of them took classes. Recently two new students were provisionally accepted. The next term of classes begins Tuesday, June 1.

BCGS offers two online courses at both the certificate and masters levels:

Intercultural Leadership Development, by Ed D.

Cultural Innovation and Change, by Tom S.

For more information, including course descriptions and program guidelines, visit the BCGS webpage.

Your prayer support for new students at both the College and graduate programs is greatly appreciated.

Bethany International Ministries

Pat and Nedra D. (Brazil): The new school year started in March with 40 new freshmen and 60 upper classmen.

George F. has invitations to speak at five Brazilian churches and will be in Belo Horizonte from May 22 to June 7. Pray for safety in travels and for his ministry in the churches.


In just two weeks, our next team will be in Haiti; we are looking forward to re-engaging there after a breather of a couple months. We’re hearing that some Haitians are feeling discouraged because many of the groups who came in right after the earthquake are now beginning to pull out and there is still so much left to be done. We have nine more teams scheduled for this summer and would love to send more groups there throughout the rest of the year as well. Most of the teams scheduled still have openings if you’d like to join or know others who would like to spend a life-transforming week working in Haiti. Check out the STEM website, call us at 952-996-1385, or stop by and talk to us. We have a place for you!

STEM staff members John and Kathie P. are in Washington this week. Among other things they’re networking and recruiting for future STEM teams, BCOM, and Global Studies students.

Last names of individuals is withheld due to possible international travel to countries that are opposed to the Gospel message.

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