Semester Wrap Up

Posted December 21, 2009 by Bethany International in News

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Many Bethany folk are heading out for the Christmas and New Year holidays to be with family and friends. The students ended their semester Friday and will be gone until the first week of January. New students arrive on campus on January 5th and begin their orientation week.

We have teams going out on Global Internship (16 months) in January to France, Central Asia, and Kenya. An Associate Internship team (4 months) leaves in February for the Philippines. Pray for the final weeks of support raising for these interns, several are still in need of funds, as well as logistical preparations on the fields.

Three mentors received their visas last week and departed for Central Asia. Pray for a good arrival and settling into the culture, and for wisdom as they work with team members to set up everything for the interns due to arrive in January.

As we receive “end of the year” newsletters from our missionaries, many of them have been “stretched” in their finances because of the economy. Yet most of them have been able to take more trips and be involved in more ministry in this past year, experiencing fruitfulness in the midst of challenges they’ve face.  God has been faithful! We want to pray a blessing on each of them and their families during the Christmas season, as they find ways to celebrate with their family, or with their fellow workers. Please join in praying that they will feel God’s presence with them in a special way.

GlobeServe’s hub in India is deeply committed to the Field5000 goal. Since we inaugurated Field5000 on June 26, 2008 the schools in India have sent out 61 missionaries, both within India to unreached people groups and outside in Myanmar, Nepal, and Bhutan. When we surveyed their present graduation rates and plans for the future we received individual school commitments to send out 400 additional missionaries between now and the end of 2013.

The Bethany prayer room will be closed at 5pm on December 23 and will reopen again January 4. Praise God for all He has done this year and for all He will do in the next!

STEM just returned from an outreach to Kenya where they worked with the interns and Bethany workers in the northeast part of that country. God used this team to impact elementary and pre-school children by building 45 desks which will be used by 90 kids this year who, previously had to sit on the floor in school. This was part of the strategy by those who live there of connecting with unreached people groups in their area. Other highlights were meeting people who are very simple and unassuming, but have laid their lives on the line for the sake of the gospel because of their love for Jesus and the people He has put in their hearts. One man buried his two year old son, who died of malaria due to the harsh conditions, yet he speaks with tenderness in his voice for the people and the city to which God has called him. Another has endured many beatings and death threats because of his persistence in sharing the love of Christ, yet he too has no harshness or bitterness in his spirit, rather continues to pour out his life for the sake of reaching the unreached. We couldn’t help thinking of the scripture passage, “…They went about…persecuted and mistreated-the world was not worthy of them…” Hebrews 11:37-38

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