Posted May 24, 2010 by Bethany International in News

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I (Dan Brokke) recently visited Seoul, Korea. Beginning the moment I landed until I left I had an amazing, favor-filled series of meetings with leaders. From meeting with Pastor Ha, founder of the 60,000 member eight-campus Onnuri Church, to the leaders of their mission training and sending program, to the Christian Global Network Satellite TV ministry (CGNTV), to the Academic Dean of Torch Trinity School of Theology (all ministries of Onnuri), there was a profound sense of favor. I became aware that a great measure of this favor came through the respect that is held for one of our graduates, a Bethany missionary and current student at Torch Trinity working on his MA in Theology. Once people heard that he had graduated from Bethany, they opened their time and hearts to us. There was also favor due to the mission heritage, heart and vision we share as organizations. Pastor Ha opened up a tremendous door of opportunity for follow-up and working together.

This is one of those cases when it became clear that God had gone before me and prepared the way. I look forward to working more closely with the church in Korea. Today there are 20,000 workers from Korea that have gone to many nations. They realize that there is more need to receive more effective intercultural preparation. One of their leaders noted their training tends to be more “academic” where what we are doing brings together the academic with practical experience – doing missions while training for missions. This was their observation. Bethany wants to serve for effective and sustainable mission impact through Korean missionaries. God is stirring them to go, we want to help.

Upcoming Board Meeting

One June 13-15, the Bethany Board is once again meeting. They will be doing something different this meeting through the formation of committees that will speak into various aspects of the College of Missions and our International Ministries. The BCOM accreditation process provides a unique focus on our mission, our priorities, and how we best fulfill that mission. Please pray as we plan and prepare for effective meetings. I am excited about all that lies in front of us.


Our freshmen are wrapping up a three week Intro to Missions course while our recently returned seniors are finishing Reentry.

Forty-eight students are accepted as freshmen for the College this fall. In addition to this another 62 applications are in process.

Bethany Center for Global Studies

The next term of classes for the Bethany Center of Global Studies begins Tuesday, June 1. We are offering the following two online courses at both the certificate and masters levels:

Intercultural Leadership Development

Cultural Innovation and Change

For more information, including course descriptions and program guidelines, visit the BCGS website.

Rick Boswell, Director of Online Marketing and Recruitment


Short-term Evangelical Missions is busy getting ready for its summer teams. They want to help as many as possible get to the mission field and ask you to continue praying with them to that end and inviting friends and family to join teams!

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