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Posted November 5, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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At the Bethany gathering on October 27, Dan Brokke reminded the Bethany community of its calling to “go” to the nations together. We don’t just tell others to “go,” but we go ourselves through prayer, personal involvement and support.  God is working among us and this is a time for deeper involvement in prayer focused on the “places where the church is not…yet.” Dan emphasized Nehemiah 3 & 4 noting that “families worked side by side”, “together in war and construction”.  With these in mind, almost unanimously, those in attendance responded to the call to come alongside the students in a deeper way. With focused prayer initiatives the full community desires to facilitate students and graduates all the way to the field – and stand with them there. These prayer initiatives will begin through circles of prayer for half-hour segments on every other Tuesday (12:30 -1:00) beginning November 8, our half day set apart. Staff and students will choose areas for prayer emphasis from global regions expecting God to move us deeper in commitment to one another and to fulfill His heart’s desire.

BCOM Preview

Twenty-eight prospective students and five parents arrived on campus Thursday afternoon for the college’s campus visit day, called BCOM Preview. They received an orientation and enjoyed the International Dinner. Later they gathered in the Prayer Chapel for worship and the word.

Bethany International Ministries {BIM}

Kerry Olson reports from Mexico City, “Each year as part of our annual church conference, an evangelistic outreach is organized. Church members were encouraged to bring along unsaved family and friends to attend an evangelistic theatrical performance with an altar call to receive Christ as their Savior. This year’s response was off the charts! The church auditorium was packed with 2700 in attendance and 879 people came forward to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior! An amazing response to the Gospel! Please pray for the follow-up activities for those who received Christ. While we recognize this was a work of God, unemployment, economic problems, unrelenting violence and lack of confidence in Mexico’s government have seemed to create an even stronger sense of spiritual need among the population in general.  The apostle Paul stated in Romans 5:20 ‘But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more.’ We thank God for being a part of what He is doing and for His grace that continues to abound much more in Mexico.”

Short-term Evangelical Missions {STEM}

One of the benefits of using STEM to facilitate a short-term mission trip is the training. They use a multi-part training to prepare people for cross-cultural ministry. Ordinarily that happens about a month before the team leaves, but in certain cases, they bring the team to one location to spend a couple intensive days together before traveling overseas. That is the case next week. Pray for STEM staff, Adam and Vicky as they train the team, then Adam as he leads this group to prayer walk and serve among an unreached people. They will be overseas November 8-22.

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