Time Set Apart

Posted February 12, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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Bethany staff and students had an extended time for fasting, worship, and prayer on Tuesday, February 8. In addition, a Skype interview took place with Jason and Bekah W. (BCOM ’05) and the Global Internship team in Kenya. It was so good to see the group and hear what they are involved in and share in their prayer requests. Many of the interns are involved in teaching or in sports activities.  Everyone has ministry in friendship. Pray for health for Jason and Bekah and their three daughters as well as the interns.  Jason is the project manager for the building of a two-story building that will house the Agape Girls Academy which they hope will open next year. He also works with the Integrated Development Project which is an agricultural project teaching people who live in extremely arid regions  to maintain small farm plots that will thrive in the desert. Bekah teaches art based on the Old Testament.

Chapel Sharing

Jim Levin (BCOM ’71) reminded us in chapel on Wednesday that Nehemiah was a shining example of a short-term mission leader. John Pederson shared about the ministry that Short -term teams to Restricted Access Nations might be involved in — building bridges between people, prayer walking, building relations, and encouraging the long-term workers. There are many examples of “short-term” mission trips throughout the Old Testament. God uses all that we offer Him and His people to serve and love. There is an island village in Paraguay – they felt forgotten by the world. Then through a series of short-term team visits there was connection and continuity of relationship. Things changed as teams came to serve. It really speaks to the fact that no matter who we are and what our gifting, we can be a part of God’s plan. God does use us…ordinary people yielded and willing to do extraordinary things.


Our freshmen are starting a three week course with Ed Dudek studying the Theology of God as Father and Son. Meanwhile our sophomores are in a week-long Leadership course taught by Paul Hartford.

BCOM Preview

The spring campus visit event is coming soon – Thursday, March 24 to Friday, March 25! Last fall over 30% of our incoming fall class had attended a Preview event, making it the number one recruitment tool for the college. We depend on everyone affiliated with Bethany to help us get the word out about the event, which is not only an introduction to BCOM, but is designed to challenge the hearts of young people to make God first in their lives and to consecrate themselves to His purposes and plans for their futures.

BCOM Preview participants can register on our web site by going to http://www.bcom.org/preview. There is a discounted rate for groups of three or more. Parents and pastors are welcome and encouraged to attend as well.

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