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Posted January 14, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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Bethany College of Missions – BCOM

The freshmen have started their spring semester with a Biblical Worldview class while the sophomores learn about the Suffering Church.

Short-term Evangelical Missions – STEM

This is a strategic time for us to continue recruiting teams as churches make plans for the year ahead. We’d like to book more teams for 2011. Please pray that STEM will mobilize more workers into the harvest field. Many long-term missionaries start out as short-termers.

We’ve had over 400 inquiries from people wanting to help with the relief effort  in the year since the earthquake destroyed so much of Haiti’s capital. 11 teams have gone so far and we’ll have at least three more teams heading to Haiti this spring.

We’re grateful for the partnership God has given us with a gifted Christian leader, Pastor Herode Guillomettre (pictured with his wife, Edline), and his network of churches. Their vision is to equip Haitians to rebuild their own communities with churches, schools, medical clinics and gardens (as a source of income).

Let’s continue to pray for spiritual renewal for Haiti, a country held for so long in Satan’s grip.

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