Posted January 24, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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Tim F. recently shared highlights from his recent trips for Bethany. Partners doing an integrated development project in Kenya are transforming desert area into a farm. People in this semi-arid area will be able to spend a couple of months at a farm to learn the techniques to develop farms in this climate.

While in Asia, Tim visited villages in the Philippines where he worked for many years. In some places, the first generation that he ministered to was not receptive to the gospel; but the second generation was ready to follow the Lord. The church is now filled with many young families. Many have sacrificially given from their own supplies to help build a church in their community.

Ken Reedy

Many of the extended Bethany Family gathered to celebrate Ken’s life Thursday and to express love to his wife Lillian and daughter  and son-in-law Kathleen and John Heger. With Ken’s death, another of our Bethany icons has passed on to glory. Ken committed his life to the Lord in 1958 while he was serving in the army. He came to Bethany when his tour was finished and joined the staff  in 1963. He spent many years driving truck delivering our camping trailers and later worked in bookshipping and  the garage. For 20 years he served Bethany Church as an elder.  He was a part of an early morning men’s prayer meeting that has met for many years.

Ken was an encourager and his “Praise the Lord” will be missed. He didn’t complain in the midst of years of physical pain, which was an example of a man with a steadfast spirit and faithfulness. We will miss Ken deeply, but know that he is enjoying the Lord’s presence. Kathleen imagined that Ken “RAN” to Jesus – his pain is gone, his legs have been restored, and the Jesus that not only renewed his spirit at salvation has now made all things new for Ken.

Bethany Center for Global Studies

Twenty-five students are currently enrolled in our graduate program.


The team from Biola University just returned from the Dominican Republic. They ministered in villages in the mountains after spending several days in the capital, Santo Domingo. One of the young woman (interpreter) was a God-gifted evangelist and when she gave an invitation, seven children responded and prayed with her to accept Christ. “

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