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Posted July 20, 2011 by Bethany International in News

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It is always a blessing to have missionary families on campus. At Wednesday chapel David S. (Asia) shared on Paul’s words in I Cor. 9:19-22 about becoming “all things to all men” to reach and win them for Christ. It was such a clear teaching on the missionary call to “go” and “become like” those in another culture, to win even one who would “stay like” their own to in turn reach others in their own culture.

The Bruce Olson story beautifully illustrated seeing this happen in real life. This mission concept was presented by Dr. Ralph Winter at the 1974 Lausanne Conference that refocused the latter half of the 20th century mission movement towards unreached peoples and the role of any person who was moving cross culturally as a missionary.

The political environment that led to the Cultural Revolution in China during the 50-70’s resulted in western missionaries being expelled from China. Chinese national believers prayed, lived, and shared their faith with urgency leading to nearly 100 million new believers in what we know as the underground church. It is a core building block for the church planting movements seen in regions of India and Africa.

We have caught a glimpse of it with our partners in Cambodia. The ultimate goal to “go beyond” can only be realized as those we reach are able to stand on our shoulders and exceed us – to go beyond us. Our work is a platform for something greater through others.

Bethany’s calling to “lead by serving” with global partners is so key to “taking the church to where it is not.” The spirit of these movements and penetration in the hardest and darkest places is found in laying our lives down for people of another culture and for those in the next generation.


-Dan Brokke, President, Bethany International

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