Bethany International frequently hosts seminars on a variety of topics—from exploring what God is doing in missions today, to deepening your understanding of God’s heart for the lost, to gaining new skills for missions and ministry. Join us on campus for a seminar and learn more about Bethany while growing in your knowledge and understanding of the Word.

coMission Conference

Through teachings, breakout sessions, discussions, and extended times of prayer and worship, we will dig deep into the heart of God, and search out His wisdom in governing the Kingdom. Worship is what is ultimate. Missions will cease, but we will be praying to and worshipping our Savior forever. Let us make it our goal to partner with the Holy Spirit in prayer, as He works to cover the earth with the glory of God.

BGU Campus Preview Weekend

During the weekend you will discover God’s plan to save humanity and how your life fits into His grand scheme. Preview BGU classes and live see what life at BGU is like first hand alongside current students.