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Reach The Unreached

Obedience To Go. 

Bethany Gateways sends and supports long-term missionaries to strategic regions of the world to proclaim and demonstrate the love of Jesus. Our focus is multiplying new disciples and planting churches in areas with little to no access to the Gospel, often referred to as the 10/40 Window.

Here I am, send me.

Bethany Gateways currently has more than 100 missionaries fielded in 20+ countries. Read about where and how some of our workers serve.


Our teams in Ghana work to plant churches and mobilize new disciples in predominantly Muslim communities.


Our team in Thailand is working to shine Jesus’ light through church planting and training new disciples through various platforms including teaching in schools. 


Our team in France focuses on starting Bible studies among French and North African populations and establishing home churches.

South Asia

Our team in South Asia uses business and education platforms to share the Gospel and strategically partner with the local church to reach Muslims.


Our team in Hungary works closely with the local churches and are finding housing for displaced Ukrainian refugees amid war in their bordering country.


Our teams in Kenya partner with the local church to share the Gospel with unreached tribes. They’ve launched several initiatives including farming, medical ministry, and teaching at schools.


Our team in Japan plants churches in various cities across the country, is involved in running a primary school, and trains workers to rescue and minister to those in cults.


Our team in Brazil runs multiple training schools for Brazilian pastors and missionaries to plant churches among those who have not yet heard the Gospel.

Opportunities to Serve

Bethany Gateways is actively recruiting those who are called to missions to join an existing team, launch a new team, pioneer new regions, or partner with local ministries.

“No one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard it once.”
― Oswald J. Smith

Why Gateways

Vision For Multiplication

Bethany Gateways doesn’t just send missionaries, we send mobilizers. We are using the power of exponential growth to take the Church to where it’s not by partnering with local churches on the mission field, enabling them to train and send their own workers to unreached neighbors.

Diversity Of Ministry

There is not a one-size-fits-all model for overseas ministry. What is effective in Eastern Europe might not be effective in Africa or Asia. At Gateways, we encourage our workers to participate in whichever type of ministry will be most effective in their location.

Cross-Ministry Collaboration

We realize to be effective we need to come alongside other ministries where we serve. Bethany Gateways actively partners and supports other agencies to bring the Good News to everyone.


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Hear From the Field

There are many different ways Bethany missionaries shine the light of Jesus on the field. Hear from Bethany Missionary Jason Witt and his family, who run and employ people to work at a farm in Kenya.


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