ISSUE 9: FALL 2020

  • Bethany Beginnings: The Faith of Five Families
  • Embracing God’s Heart for the Lost – Our 75 Year Vision Journey
  • Bethany Timeline
  • Miraculous Protection and Provision
  • “People Are Waiting for Us”
  • Bethany Alumni That God Has Used Mightily


  • Edward Jesudhas
  • Bringing Life to Lifeless Places
  • My Internship in India: A Surprise of Salvation
  • Buddhist Monk Turned Missionary
  • Four Phases of Fruitfulness in the Desert

ISSUE 7: FALL 2018

  • A Disciple Making Disciples In Mexico
  • Are North America & Western Missionaries Still Needed?
  • Freedom Becomes Real
  • Out of the Classroom & Into the Harvest
  • The Four Stages of an Effective Missionary
  • Ministry Impact Report
  • Nationally Known Author Remembers Bethany


  • What, Me, Reaching… Buddhists?
  • Prayer, A Necessity
  • A Ride With Benson
  • Stepping Into the Unknown
  • An Inventor Leaves The Legacy Of Time, Talent, And Treasure
  • How To Reach A Nation For Christ

ISSUE 5: FALL 2017

  • A Vision to Multiply the Workers
  • Good News
  • Helping Others Do the Same
  • A Brazillian Restaurant in Africa Making a Big Impact
  • Bethany International Year End Financial Report
  • Planning for Your Future


  • Unreached: Engaging the Largest Nomadic Ethnic Group on Earth
  • The Engage 500 Yesterday
  • The Journey to Reaching a People Group
  • Other Cultures 101
  • Short Term Mission Trips: 6 Questions to Ask Before You Go
  • Why Missionaries Sometimes Fail and What the Church Can Do About It
  • Leaving a Legacy For Missions

ISSUE 3: FALL 2016

  • What We Have Done Together in 2015-2016
  • Passing the Torch in India: How Two Generations Partnered for the Sake of the Unreached
  • We Can Do More Together
  • Prayer + Missions = Jesus’ Return
  • What Does it Mean to Take the Church to Where It’s Not?
  • Growing the Missions Workforce: The Future Impact of Bethany Global University
  • Reaching Beyond Our Culture
  • How to Know If You Are Called to World Missions


  • All Nations Blessed–Still Not a Reality
  • Off the Couch and Into the World
  • Where Isn’t the Thai Church?
  • Rethinking the American Dream
  • The Old Story in a New Tongue
  • The Kingdom Impact of Your Prayers
  • The Power of Short Term Mission Trips
  • Strategically Engaged for Long-Term Impact

ISSUE 1: FALL 2015

  • Engage 500
  • Building a Global Mission Force
  • Filling the Gaps in the Kingdom
  • The Publish4All Initiative
  • Millennials and Missions
  • Engaging the Church
  • What Does it Take to Engage 500 People Groups
  • Launching a Second Career in Missions