By: Dan Brokke, Bethany President & CEO

We are pleased to introduce an all-new Bethany brand design that better reflects the spirit of our Gospel-focused mission. For over 75 years, the people of Bethany have remained faithful in their efforts of taking the church to where it’s not. What started with five families pooling their resources to fund missions, still burns bright through three unified ministries:

Bethany Global University, Bethany Gateways, and Bethany Partners. 

Our new, clean, and modern look is a fresh and exciting reflection of the Bethany mission.

The circle in our new logo represents the world and our efforts to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. The double arrows indicate our urgency to see exponential, forward movement (like a fast forward play button) and partnership with others to get the job done.

 So why the change? We often hear: “Bethany is a best-kept secret.” It’s time for us to elevate our brand design and better tell the story of what God is doing in today’s highly visual world.

We know we can’t accomplish our mission without the generous support of others committed to this cause. We want to invite many more people – prospective students, donors, future staff, missionaries, and mission partners – to join in taking the church to where it’s not.

In the coming days and months as you receive communications, visit our website, or stop by our campus, you’ll see more expressions of our new brand design coming to life. We are excited to propel our mission forward and invite you to continue sharing with us on the journey. Your prayers and financial support are the backbones of what we can accomplish together.

One cause. One Gospel. One Bethany.