June 21st was Bethany’s 70th anniversary. Through the last seven decades, thousands of graduates have served as Great Commission Christians in US ministries, in their local churches, and in the marketplace. More than 900 missionaries have been sent through 90 mission agencies to 69 countries. Today, I can say without hesitation, “Hitherto has the Lord brought us.”

presidentOn December 20th, 2014, the last of the founding members, Halvard Strand, left this earth for his eternal reward. Four days earlier I thanked Halvard for his life and example.  Our brief meeting ended with Halvard saying, “Dig with the shovel in your hand, God will do the rest.” This kind of simple faith produced an amazing legacy of Kingdom impact around the world. Eternity will reveal what God has accomplished through the Bethany family these past 70 years. And, He is not done with us!

In 2010 we adopted the mission statement, “Take the Church to where it is not.” Frankly, these are the hardest places. In March, while meeting with global partners in Batam, Indonesia, we embraced a God-sized goal of engaging 500 unreached people groups in the next 5 years. Most of these are in the 10/40 Window across Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu countries.

So, what shovel do we have in our hand? Bethany’s reputation for mission training has opened doors to come alongside global leaders to initiate mission training programs building a global mission force. To facilitate this expansion, mission “basecamps” or Gateway Access Platforms support reaching the most difficult unreached peoples and places.  Our commission is to move with God’s Spirit in these last days to take the Church to where it is not … yet!

I trust that as you read the coMISSION Magazine you will be encouraged that Bethany is staying the course and by what God is doing as we move with Him. You are part of the Bethany Family … and part of the future.

—Dan Brokke, President of Bethany International

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