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Randy Dirks

Chief Stewarship Officer

Randy has served in Christian nonprofits for many years with great joy, and as Senior Stewardship Officer at Bethany, he’s been able to rally others to feel joy in giving to further God’s kingdom. He collaborates with the Advancement team and leadership at Bethany to reach revenue goals and accomplish our mission of Taking the Church to Where it’s Not. As Randy and his wife were missionaries in Peru for six years, they have a personal passion for spreading the Gospel.

Highly educated, Randy holds a B.A. in Theology, MDiv, and PhD in Intercultural Studies. He’s also completed a Certificate in Fundraising. Randy and his wife Rebecca enjoy disc golf, cycling, nature walks, and building relationships with a whole host of friends. Their daughter Mandie and husband Ryan live in Morocco with their five children. They work with Moroccan vendors to sell home goods in the U.S and hope that building relationships with Muslim businesses will provide opportunities to share their faith.