We are working in 92 countries around the world through missionaries, BGU alumni, missionary training schools, and partners.

A Report on Bethany International`s Ministries and Impact

The mission statement of Bethany International is to “take the church to where it is not and help others do the same.” This report shares very encouraging and inspiring reports about what the Lord has done through Bethany and its many partners worldwide.

BETHANY GLOBAL UNIVERSITY  In February 2016 the university was accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

  • In February 2016 the university was accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education.
  • August 2016 enrollment is up to 233 students of which 118 freshmen represent the largest class size in BGU’s history.
  • Students understand the mission of Bethany International to take the church to where it’s not.

Elizabeth Greenough, a student, states, “Coming to Bethany was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I have grown in my walk with the Lord, have learned more about myself, the Bible, and just how much God loves us. Chapel is amazing. The staff cares deeply not only about our academics, but also our spiritual and physical well-being. Bethany is life changing.”

Bethany Gateways (International Mission)

  • Missionaries fielded: 90
  • Number of countries where Bethany Gateways Missionaries and BGU Alumni serve: 39 • New missionary canidates in process: 34
  • BGU Sophomores preparing for Global Internship: 75

Bethany missionaries Sam & Jonhild Dunya began serving in a small village in Southern Ghana over 20 years ago, with the hopes of planting a church. They not only planted a church in that village, but have seen nearly 150 churches planted over the years. As their vision and concern turns towards unreached regions, we are working with them to see Ghana transition into a Gateway Access Platform, as they train and launch Ghanaian church planters into the unreached tribes in the surrounding region.


  • Publish4All has pioneered a high-quality, low-cost print-on-demand system that can be installed and operated anywhere in the world to enable the printing of affordable content at the local level.
  • 95 Publish4All Systems have been deployed to 58 countries.

Tim Kelly directs a highly successful Publish4All print center in Nairobi with a Kenyan staff of five. Tim’s vision is to see Kenyans with missionary hearts, training other Africans in print-on-demand technology, in order to reach every corner of the African continent with the Gospel message, in print.

CMS-Africa operates a Publish4All system. They state, “We no longer need to keep inventory—saving on space and costs of storage, we can keep revising each book as we get feedback from the field. We can customize each of our publications for the customers.  The quality of the product is excellent.”

 International Partners

  • • Bethany and its international partners work in more than 1,012 people groups in 92 countries around the globe, 269 of which are unreached people groups. • 300 missionary training schools in 29 countries are preparing nationals to take the Gospel to those who never have heard (shown in the photo are students from one of the schools)
  • • Launched Engage500 mission goal to engage an additional 231 unreached people groups, for a total of 500 (Engage500).  Partners have targeted 53 unreached people groups they plan to engage
  • . • In 2015 Bethany and its international partners planted about a thousand churches and discipled about 25,000 people.  Bethany has helped the Kale Heywet Church in Ethiopia develop effective cross-cultural missionary training.  Seven schools are now preparing missionaries.

In the last five years more than 24,000 Muslims have become believers and are on track to see 25,000 people brought to faith in Christ in the next five years.  Also, 30 missionaries are serving outside of the country.