Twenty years ago, Bethany missionaries from Brazil began a Churrascaria in a country in West Africa. After much perseverance and hard work, the restaurant is thriving and generates revenue to bless many ministries both inside Africa and more recently in South Asia.

Today, inside that West African country, the restaurant’s profits fully contribute towards the following:

  • It funds a Christian elementary school in an impoverished area with 270 students and staff of 15 locals. This includes providing breakfast and lunch daily.
  • It supports two missionaries and a home for 16 young homeless women in a nearby city.
  • It rents buildings for churches in 4 different locations and towns, and provides a portion of support for several pastors including housing.
  • In a city located on the other end of the country, the restaurant contributes the rent of a food dispensary, which daily attend the needs of 60 underprivileged children, sharing with them in a very tangible way, the love of Christ.
  • In the interior of the country, it sponsors a sports center that that reaches out to the young people of the community.

Seeing this restaurant become a multiplier for missions has led the founders of the Brazilian restaurant to move to a country in Southwest Asia. They have begun a second restaurant. The first restaurant is blessing multiple ministries and now is pioneering a new mission enterprise in Central Asia!

“God our God shall bless us! God will bless us, and all the ends of the earth will fear Him” Psalm 67:6-7


This article is from the Fall 2017 Issue of CoMission Magazine.